[Question #300] Last Q before moving on conclusively

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102 months ago
Dear Dr,

I went to speak to a counsellor as you suggested. We discussed my fears and I accept them as being truly irrational. There is one thing that still really concerns me and that is the lymph node under my jaw that is swollen and hurts. I went to the Dr, and he agreed that the lymph node is swollen but says I have a sinus/viral infection. I am truly scared about this and I just wanted to know if I can go deal with my lymph node without even thinking about HIV or testing for it or anything as it is always in the back of my head. Even my counsellor said that a final reassurance from you regarding this would perhaps help me. I intend to print out your response and share it with her. I have had sex with my wife numerous times as I have moments of clarity where your advice resonates and I understand that it could not have possibly been a risk. 

From what I understand you can see our previous questions so you know my "exposure." Vagina in direct contact with pimples on my buttocks that may have been open and etc. I really appreciate what you both do on this forum for people who are scared and I am glad I was able to support ASHA. 

All the very best. 
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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
102 months ago
Sigh. Still no risk. The answers won't change no matter how often you ask and I see no reason to repeat them. If you want to print out information to show your counselor, print the previous discussions. One of them included this:

"Despite absence of risk, you might want to consider seeing a doctor and getting tested for HIV and common STDs anyway. This does not mean I have changed my mind and think there is any risk. I do not. But perhaps the in-person reassurance and negative tests would help you move forward."