[Question #3011] Kissing with cavities/bleeding gums, Fingering with cuts until climax

41 months ago
50 years old man was considering kissing with bleeding gums/cavities, fingering with cuts & receiving unprotected blowjob as safe activities, unless not involve in unprotected vaginal/anal or inject shared needles. 
5 weeks ago, i deeply & passionately kissed 5 girls for 10 min ( having multiple partners as they need money) met them thru dating site within a span of one week, also i fingered 2 girls deep inside  their vagina until they ejaculate on my finger & cuts. Also received brief 30 sec to 1 min of unprotected blowjobs from them. 
After 5 weeks of this episode, i got fever & chills for 2 nights with minor sore throat & mild runny nose usually in the moring  & with dry cough. i went to wrk & did not go to Dr or took any antibiotic or panadol. Still cold is going on since one week .I m very tensed & scared since i got this seroconversion symptoms. i m unable to function & concentrate now. 
Their r contradictory information related to kissing if blood is involved. Most Doctors warns against deep kissing if have bleeding gums. Even Dr HHH  is saying it is low risk, it can happen. Also, i read many of them got infected simply by kissing.
My question is 
1-I have sensitive teeth & long time receding/bleeding gums problems n two tooths removed long time ago & old 10 yrs  two tooth cavities,not paining, still present &  its big hole with black color. Cavities are considered same as Oral wound or sores & can b a entry point for the virus, which i came to know after reading many questions. So if the girls also have bleedimg gums & their blood came in to contact with gums which were bleeding or to my cavities it can transmit the virus directly to the blood streams. My main worry is cavities.
2 -I fingered deep inside their vagina with small cuts, cuticles cuts, hangnails. They ejaculate on my fingers having cuts. The vagina fluid containing virus was forcefully pressed towards the finger cuts without any air contact & it might help the virus to enter the bloodstream.
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
41 months ago
Welcome back to the forum. However, your question really was asked and answered by Dr. Hook in your other thread 10 months ago.  At that time, he pointed out that saliva does not transmit HIV, and all exposures to partners' mouths and oral fluids is zero risk for all practical purposes. As you have seen elsewhere, in theory it could happen and perhaps inflamed or bleeding gums could increase the risk. (However, I doubt tooth cavities could do it.) However, I stres "in theory":  There has never been a proved case in which someone aquired HIV by kissing. That doesn't mean it never happens, but obviously it must be exceedingly rare. Equally obvious, given the billions of kissing events between HIV infected and uninfected partners, because gum disease and cavities are so common, obviously millions or billions of exposures had to occur in their presence -- but still, NO known infections. (Anybody who claims to have acquired HIV by kissing is almost always mistaken or is deliberately untruthful. Most people with HIV don't actually know when and how they were infected.

Fingering and hand-genital contact also carry no measurable risk for HIV, as Dr. Hook informed you last time. Here too, there are no proved HIV infections. On top of all that, I will remind you that HIV remains quite uncommon in women in the US, including commercial sex workers. Obviously it's possible one or more of your partners had HIV, but it is very unlikely.

Those commetts answer your two questions, but to be explicit, none of the events described carried any significant risk for HIV.  From a medical or risk standpoint, you do not need testing and can safely continue your normal sexual practices with other partners without putting them at risk. Of course you are free to be tested anyway if my reassurance doesn't settle things for you.

I hope this information is helpful. Let me know if anything isn't clear.


40 months ago
Thanks Dr HHH for the answer. Though ur answers has calmed me a lot, but deep inside I have still fear aftero that exposure. Last time I suffered a lot due to unprotected blowjob & when I got my UAE medical report in May 2017 for visa renewal (I am in dubai, not in US), then I got confidence.
 But suddenly I get involved with this five girls for a deep passionate kissing with cavities & bleeding gums. Another fingering & brief unprotected blowjob with two girls. I don’t have guts to test again hiv.
 As you said from a medical or risk standpoint, I don’t need testing & I can safely continue my normal sexual practices with my partner without putting her in risk. I leave it in the hand of god, whatever it may be.  I have severe health anxiety, obsession & always feel I am very unlucky. I am thinking what I may the first person to be get hiv by kissing or fingering or unprotected blowjob or now recent love bite.
Yesterday I again went to one of same girl from the 5, while chatting she started to kiss me again, but I did not open my mouth, though it was wet kiss but I close my mouth. She kissed all over my face & rolled lips on lips & face also. I forgot that, there was small 1 day old I think non bleeding sore below the lips.  So she kissed that sore below my lips also. 
She requested to finger her, I used the rubber gloves to finger her, in the meanwhile suddenly she took my hand & started to bite at 2 or 3 places for a brief 5 to 10 sec each maximum, when she could not control her sexual urge. Though the force was not that much, but I can feel the sensation even now, I immediately warned her & remove my hands from her mouth.  I notice one scratch like red small red dot on my hand. Whether it was recent from her teeth bite (love bite) or the scratch like cut/dot was before I don’t know. It may be like – size red color. So I would like to know.
1. If it was an old scratch or cut which was not bleeding or may be bleeding & she took in her mouth & if she have bleeding gums or ulcer in her mouth. What will be the hiv risk.
2. Though it look like minor cut, but who knows whether that minor cut can let virus reach to the blood stream. If it was recent from her teeth with bleeding or non-bleeding & if she has bleeding gums or sores, what will be the hiv risk.
3. Do this exposure require pep as I am still within the 72 hrs period.
4. Do I need to test after this exposure?

I never get involved with any girl with vaginal or anal sex & even now I stopped receiving unprotected blowjob & open mouth kissing or fingering after this exposure . I just touch the boobs & get hand job only. This bite happen unexpectedly n causes me extreme anxiety. i could not sleep yesterday night. if pep is required i will go to india n take it. as it is not allowed in dubai. I read some post of Dr Hook & you on medhelp, it is confusing. You both says human biting is not risk unless lot of blood is involved to both or the cut should b very severe  & human bite has never been documented. but in some answer Dr hook mentioned as low risk & in one question even after bite with 2-3 blood drops, he said no risk & no testing required. i dont know about my cut, though it is very minor(--) size, whether it was from her teeth or old cut, bleeding or not bleeding, but it is red (i did not see blood), but what if blood came. plz answer

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
40 months ago
OK, let's get real here. You're hyper-frigntened, irrationally so, about HIV from zero risk kinds of contact, and therefore say you don't want such contact. And yet you visit women in settings that obviously are conducive to sex. I do not believe for a minute that you do not expect sex when you are there, or that it is a surprise when it happens.

However, the events described carried zero risk for HIV. To my knowledge, nobody in the world has ever caught HIV from biting. Any comments about risk from biting are theoretical; if it were to happen, it would require much greater biting injury, and more blood, than you have experienced. Even with a small amount of visible blood, the risk is zero or close to it. You do not need PEP.
40 months ago
Thank you soo much Dr HHH. You dont know how much your answer has calmed me down. I feel hugely relieved now. 

Actually i m married with two kids, but i stopped having sexual relation with my wife since 2 yrs & now all time enjoying chatting with girls on dating site. I never get involved with them sexually by vaginal or anal sex. I am just involved with kissing, fingering & hand jobs with girls, due to hiv fear.

This unexpected  human bite exposure had made me too much scared & i m sleepless since yesterday, as ther r 5 reported case through human bite i read in aidsmap. In india also  ther has been human bite case by saliva &  without blood involved. Here is the link

I even ask that girl, whether she was involved in umprotected sex after her visa medical in september 2016.  but I cannot trust her.

Even though my cut was not severe enough ( 1mm/2mm in width to 4mm/5mm in height (---) & i dont know whether it bleed, though it looks like puncture red wound & if 1 or 2 drop of blood came out frm the cut  & even if she had bleeding gums in her mouth I m not risk  from the blood transfusion & doesnt require pep.

Is it possible to get only one wound fron her teeth, even though she used all her teeth.

I m unnecessary getting involve myself with this girls & putting myself in trouble. it is better to stay away  from such activities n live a peaceful life. But i dont know i started enjoying this dating site & read that any activities like kissing, fingering, unprotected blowjob r risk free & i took chances. 
If i m safe from this human bite with kissing & fingering incident i will try avoiding this activities in future.

I tried to read questions related to human bite, but ther r only very few questions  related to human bite. Also some answer by Dr Hook says low risk & in some no risk.

Even Dr Hook answer will be same as yours as no risk & doesnt require pep. Also, i dont need testing.

I want to start again relationship with my wife & stop all this nonsense now, so this human bite incident will not put her in risk of hiv. Is it safe to start without puting her in risk.

You are doing wonderful job.

Thanks & regards.
God bless u 
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
40 months ago
That you were able to find a single possible case of HIV transmitted by biting proves my point:  it is exceedingly rare. Nobody goes out of their way to report cases transmitted by the usual routes; it's only the rare or unusual ones that get reported. And what does it tell you that there has been a single reported case, back 8 years ago? And apparently none since then?

"some answer by Dr Hook says low risk & in some no risk."  There is no difference in these responses. The risk is low enough to be considered zero for all practical purposes.

As for sex with your wife, I already answered in my original reply above:  "you...can safely continue your normal sexual practices with other partners without putting them at risk." I haven't changed my mind!

That concludes this thread. Also please note the forum policy against repeated questions about the same exposure or similar ones. This will have to be your last one; future new questions about such exposures, testing, and your fears about HIV or other STDs will be deleted without reply and without refund of the posting fee. This policy is based on compassion, not criticism, and is designed to reduce temptations to keep paying for questions with obvious answers. In addition, experience shows that continued answers tend to prolong users' anxieties rather than reducing them. Finally, such questions have little educational value for other users, one of the forum's main purposes. I trust you will understand.

I'm glad to hear this discussion has helped calm you down. If the same fears arise again, just carefully re-read our replies in this and your previous threads. Almost certainly the answers are there! Best wishes and stay safe.