[Question #3072] Risk of HIV?

40 months ago
Hello Doctor,
First of all thanks a lot for the great work you people do.

I have done a big mistake last week by visiting an escort. The girl gave me protected oral sex and then she put another condom on the old one and we had vaginal sex. She did the same thing again. So we had protected vaginal sex(double condoms) and protected oral sex (single condom) twice. On all the occasions the condoms seemed intact and I checked them by filling water and they were not leaking. But my fear is that when I removed the condom after the 2nd act I saw a small amount of sperm like substance (I am not sure sperm or not) on my penis shaft. Now I am really worried that if the vaginal fluid has entered from the base of the condom and infected me. Also I made a big mistake by double bagging. One of my doctor friend suggested PEP over the phone consultation but in my area I could not find a specialist who can prescribe it and it's already over 72 hours.

Can you please assess my risk with respect to the double begging and in case some of her fluids might have entered through the base of the condom?

Did I do a mistake by not taking PEP?


Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
40 months ago
Welcome to our Forum. The encounter you describe was very low risk for HIV.  Had you asked me for PrEP, I would not have been willing to prescribe it for you.  Several factors contribute to this statement:

1.  Most escorts/commercial sex workers do not have HIV.
2.  Even most unprotected exposures with infected persons do not lead to infection. there has NEVER been a case of HIV proven to have been acquired from receipt of unprotected orals sex and the risk of unprotected vaginal sex, IF your partner had HIV is between 1 in 1000 and 1 in 2000.  In your case you used condoms making your risk much lower still.
3.  You are correct, double condoms do slightly increase the risk of condom failure but you have shown that your condoms did not fail.
4.  It is typical for genital secretions inside a condom to take on the whitish appearance you describe.  This does not mean your condom failed.

In my opinion, you are at no appreciable risk for HIV of other STI from the encounter you describe.  I do not feel that testing is critical related to this exposure.  Please try not to worry.  EWH