[Question #3261] 41 Day 4th Gen Test, Semen Eye, and Info for Others

38 months ago

Hi Dr. Hs,

wanted to follow up with my latest test and get confirmation that it is enough.
Tested 41 days after the encounter with a drop or 2 of semen in my eye.
Test was 4th Generation AG/AB. It was negative.

Is this close enough to the 42 day mark, to be conclusive for testing?

Also, I have been stressing about the information I find on mucous membrane exposure online.
I find either a risk of 9/10,000 or 1/1,000 quoted a lot. This from what I can find is based on a small studies of healthcare workers report exposures to blood. And is also just an estimate from what I can research, because most research I see show 1 or zero seroconversions
Looking at the CDC website, https://www.cdc.gov/hiv/risk/estimates/riskbehaviors.html.
One can see that Oral Sex is considered "Low", and usually quoted as less than 1/10,000.
You can also see that "Throwing Body Fluids (Including Semen or Saliva)" is quoted as "negligible"
Which semen in the eye must be either Oral Sex and/or Throwing Body Fluids. Which should make the exposure "negligible" to "Low" at the most.
Also, I found this from the British Health website on HIV and PEP,
"Semen splash to eye <1 in 10,000" and "PEPSE is also not recommended following semen splash in the eye as there have been no documented HIV transmissions via this route"
So, even if the person was Known to be HIV+ and have a high viral load, then PEPSE(PEP) is still not recommended.

Back to my exposure specifically, if we assume at worst a 1/1000 for risk, 1/1000 for the person being HIV+(she test neg(rapid) day of), and then a test at 41 days being at least 99%. Then my estimated risk is 1/100,000,000. That's got to be zero :-)

But I am hoping that you say the 41 day test is fully conclusive and I can completely move on without worry at all.

I do also hope that the information here on eye exposure helps others relax as well!

Thank you again!

Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
38 months ago
Welcome back to the Forum.  It appears that you have not been successful in moving forward from your virtually no risk exposure despite assurances from both Dr. Handsfield and me over the past month that your exposures were not risky in the least and that your test results are reliable.  Albert Einstein once said something to the affect that one definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different answer.  Your question is repetitive and my answer is the same one that you have already received- you did not get HIV form the exposure you have described and really do not need further testing or to be concerned.   I certainly would consider your 41 test result as conclusive.

Also, I have no argument with your calculations and would add that these odds are far far lower than your odds of being struck by lightening (lifetime risk of being struck by lightening is estimated as less than 1 in 1,300. 

Please stay off the internet, please accept your test results.  EWH