[Question #3282] Did I contract any STI including herpes thru fingering an escort?

39 months ago

I went to a KTV bar last night where I inserted my fingers into an escort’s vagina basically fingering her for about 5 minutes. She also brushed her vagina into my face but I did not perform oral sex onto her. She also sucked my nipples for a while. After which, I went home and took a shower and masturbated.

My concern is that I am worried that I may have contracted a STI from her.

Regarding the female, I do not know if she is infected with anything but let’s assume she is.

Regarding my fingers, they don’t seem to have any visible cuts.

My questions are below.

1) Was I at a risk of getting a STI including HIV, HPV and herpes from fingering her?
1a) If yes, when should I get tested?
1b) If no, when should I get tested anyway?

2) Was I at a risk of getting a STI including HIV, HPV and herpes from her brushing her vagina onto my face?
2a) If yes, when should I get tested?
2b) If no, when should I get tested anyway?

3) Was I at a risk of getting a STI including HIV, HPV and herpes from her sucking on my nipples?
3a) If yes, when should I get tested?
3b) If no, when should I get tested anyway?

4) If am I at risk, how should I avoid the risk of passing onto my wife and child any STIs including HIV, HPV and herpes?
4a) Can I still hold them?
4b) Can I kiss them?

Thank you.


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Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
39 months ago
Welcome to our Forum.  I'll be glad to comment on your questions.  By way of a general comment let me point out that your activities with the escort all fall into the general category of masturbation and STIs are not transmitted through masturbation, even mutual masturbation in which partners get each others' genital secretions on each other.  Thus, the encounter you describe was entirely no risk and thus, from a medical perspective there is no need for testing.  Whether you feel the need for testing or not for your peace of mind is another issue but from a medical perspective nothing you have described suggests a need for testing.  Now, on to your specific questions:

1.  See above.  This was a no risk event.  In the spirit of full disclosure suppose there is a theoretical risk (in the same way that, theoretically you could be struck by a meteorite falling form space) of getting what is called a herpetic whitlow on the finger(s) that you used to masturbate her but none of the three of us on this forum has ever seen someone acquire HSV in this way so I would urge you not to worry about it.  Similarly, HPV is a non-issue as over 80% of sexually active persons already have it and there is no evidence that it is transmitted through masturbation.

2.  No, same answer.

3.  No

4.  You are not at risk, thus you are not at risk for transmission of any STI to your wife and child.  I should add that STIs are NOT transmitted by touching, holding or kissing.

I hope these responses are helpful to you.  You have nothing to worry about.  EWH
39 months ago
Thanks Dr. Hook.

Regarding number 1, I am quite concerned about Whitlow although I know it is quite rare. Are you sure I shouldn't worry about this?

Regarding my question number 2 about the brushing of the escort's vagina onto my face, I forgot to mention that there might be some vaginal fluid that went to my lips and around the general area of the mouth. Am I at risk of getting any STIs?

Thanks in advance.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
39 months ago
Yes, I am confident about this.  If you are going to get a whitlow, it will be symptomatic and will appear within 10 days of your exposures.  Whitlow's are not subtle either.  There is no such thing as an asymptomatic whitlow.

I presumed that there may have been contact with her vaginal fluid.  Still no risk however.   EWH
39 months ago
Thanks Dr.

As for my last follow-up, if I don't get any symptoms within 10 days, does it mean I did not contract Whitlow?

Lastly, in the mean time, should I restrict my interaction with my pregrant wife and my child (i.e. holding hands, kissing, touching them) so that they will be safe from Whitlow?
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
39 months ago
Correct, if you have not developed a painful blistering lesion on your fingers within 10-14 days (most typically within 10 days) you can be confident that you did not acquire a herpetic whitlow from the exposure you described.  In the absence of lesions, I see no reason for you not to interact with your pregnant wife, including holding hands, touching, kissing.  As I told you earlier, there is virtually no chance of having acquired herpes from the interaction you described.  Please try not to worry. 

As you know, as this is my 3rd response to your questions, this thread will be closed later today.  Take care.  EWH
39 months ago
Thank you Dr. Hook.

It is hard not to worry as I have an anxiety disorder but thank you for your help.

I really just don't want to pass herpes to my pregnant wife and daughter.