[Question #3318] General Kissing Question

38 months ago
I recently had an experience at a Massage Parlor and I am not sure if I need to get tested for this.  It was a normal massage until 
  • We had 5 closed mouth pecks lip to lip. From what I saw in the room and outside in more lighting, there was no visible sores or blood on her lips. It looked normal. I did not fell any cuts on my own lip before the massage. Afterwards though, i may have inadvertently opened one up when i was aggressively examining my lip. 
  • She got on top of me with her panties on but I was naked. My penis lightly brushed up against her panties (not sure if it was wet) but i moved it away.
  • I also did heavy petting on her panties with my hand but never direct contact of her vagina.
  • I licked her nipples and she licked mine for a few minutes
  • She offered to do everything but i declined but received a normal hand job.
Should I get tested? How concerned should i be for transferring anything to my partner.... I am also around babies and children a lot. Should i be worried for passing anything to them? Should i be worried about kissing babies on the cheek even? I heard that a baby died due to an exposure via herpes from kissing a relative at a wedding. 

What could STDs could be passed through what I did? I read that herpes, HPV and meningitis could be passed through kissing but how low are the risks?

Thanks so much in advance. 
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
38 months ago
You should definitely not be tested. There is absolutely nothing that happened at that encounter that necessitates you being tested. Five closed mouth pecks do not present a risk of any sexually transmitted infection