[Question #3419] Honest to Goodness New line of Questioning - Hep B

35 months ago
Hello Again Dr.'s,

Yes, this is the same exposure. I was willing to take the risk of posting and if it has to be a donation with no answer, so be it. However, I have a complete new question involving a different STD. I do have one follow up about the HIV question that I'd like answered too. If possible. 

1. As I mentioned last time, I submitted to a full LabCorp Panel at 95 days post my Nov. 16th exposure. Everything was nonreactive - aside from Hep B Surface AB. That was listed as reactive. As you probably know me by now, I totally freaked out and the office was closed (saw results Friday evening). The results technically read "Consistent with Immunity, greater than 9.9 MIu/ML." In my research I've settled down a little because it seems to mean that this would be reactive if I was immunized. I don't know everything I was immunized by my pediatrician growing up, but I know he is a big believer in as many vaccines as possible and I would believe that he would vaccinate me here. Also, perhaps more importantly, in the same panel my HBSAG screen was non-reactive. Please confirm if my thought process is correct. Again, i'm married with children and the fear of putting people at risk haunts me.

2. Back to HIV, this panel was 4th generation at 95 days by labcorp, nonreactive. I promised to not repeat ANY questions but I do have one new one that may be beneficial. I still have these 3 (maybe 4) cervical lymph nodes that drive me insnane, but I digress. After my PCR and 5th and 4th generations were negative (latest at 36 days) my doctor saw it was clear I wasn't getting over it. Sometime in January he prescribed me .5mg xanax, which I take eveyr now and again when i really need it. In regards to the panel, is there any way Xanax could cause tests to be inaccurate? 

Thank you in advance. If I understand the answers to these I'll try my hardest to never bother you again. 
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
35 months ago
Sorry, but we mean what we say about repetative anxiety driven questions. 

1) Your reasoning is correct.

2) No medicines or drugs have any effect on HIV test reliability.