[Question #3432] Was I at risk for HIV?

35 months ago
Hi doctors 
I just had my blood drawn for full checkup. Including std testing I do every 6 mos.  I know that I’m anxious about HIV particularly but I feel like my following concern is valid. The nurse sanitized her hands and  put on gloves but the needle she wanted to use Was new but not packaged and I didn’t like it . I wanted to see her open the winged butterfly needle because it’s in a package and it makes me feel better. 

She threw the original needle away in the sharps container still has the same gloves on and then opens the packaged winged needle and the device seemed not functional  so she throws that away in the sharps container. Still same gloves on. 
She then opens second winged needle package and uncovers cap and twists the wings and draws my blood. 

Now I think that her gloves touched the sharps container and got blood on it and when she drew my blood some tainted blood is in me and got on my needle. 
Shouldn’t she have changed her gloves ? She only drew my blood once but those two unused  needles she threw away could blood have gotten on he gloves ? 

Now I’m panicking . I’m in state of madness . Am I at risk for anything? Do I need pep or anything ??  Have I truly lost my mind ?

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
35 months ago
Sorry, but thsis time there will be no reply except to repeat this warning from your previous thread:

"...this is your seventh question on the forum [the current question is your eighth], most of them reflecting your anxieties about HIV. As you were previously informed in at least two replies over the last couple of years, repeated anxiety driven questions on the same topic are strongly discouraged. Repeated fact based replies usually don't help much, or only temporarily; such questions have little educational value for other users, one of the main purposes of the forum; and ASHA doesn't like being in the position of repeatedly charging and accepting payment in these circumstances. Thanks for your understanding."