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35 months ago

hello expert

sorry for my poor English

my test :

HIV Quantitative by real time PCR at ( 9days) not detected

p24 compo at (9days) nonreactive

p24 combo at ( 9 weeks) nonreactive


my exposure

i am 37 old years , i meet girl from internet she is at 38 years old from Thailand.

my concern is that when we was both naked i give her hug but my pines touch her vagina for 9 second no penetration no rubbing just touch her vagina by my head of my pines ( no condom). i dot know about her if she has hiv or not .

one week ago before exposure i shaved my hair around pines and there  was small cut in the base of my pines up  my testicles .

i used condom for intercourse .


ars symptoms :

after 11 weeks i get cold / flu ( i don't know the difference between them )

congested nose

stuffy nose

no runny nose

no fever

no sore throat

i got rash a little bit on my nose and around nose like hives

stay with me for one week and go.

one week later i feel burn in my chest and cold sweat for couple of hours and go.

i feel a little bit Fatigue for couple of hours and go .


i did full check up at weeks 14 every things excellent except for my:

neutrophil absolute count 7.55   ref range 1.7 - 7.0

lymphocytes absolute count 3.20  re range 0.9 - 3.1



my question :

is there anything i have to worry about ?

how late can ars symptoms appear can it happen at weeks 11?

do i need repeat my test ?

are my ars related to ars symptoms ?

how was my risk ?

did my neutrophil and lymphocytes related to my ars symptoms if was there ?

i need your advise and opinion


thank u .




35 months ago
And forget to mention that i feel pain in armpits and groin but there is no swollen lymph node just pain at weeks 12 after exposure and stay for 12 days and go . 
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
35 months ago
Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question. Your English seems fine!

The current HIV blood tests are among the most accurate diagnositic tests ever developed, for any medical condition. If done sufficiently long after the last possible exposure, the results overrule both symptoms or exposure history. No matter what your exposure was, and no matter what symptoms you have, your negative antigen-antibody (4th generation, combo) test at 9 weeks proves you don't have HIV. The negative PCR and AgAb results at 9 days confirm that result.

In addition, the exposure you describe was zero risk for HIV. You used a condom for intercourse; that's all that matters. The other contacts carried no risk. Your symptoms sound like a minor cold and started much too late for ARS (symptoms always start by 2-3 weeks). But even if your risk had been high or your symptoms typical for ARS, the test results prove you don't have HIV. There was no need for the blood counts or other tests. Those results look normal, however. The slightly high neutrophil and lymphocyte counts are fine and anyway say nothing about HIV.

Those comments answer all your questions. But to be explicit so there is no chance for misunderstanding:  you have nothing to worry about; ARS symptoms always start within 2-3 weeks, never beyond 11 weeks; you do not need to repeat any tests; your symptoms are not ARS; your risk for HIV was zero; and your lymphocyte and neutrophil counts are normal. Finally, ARS does not cause armpit pain. You don't have any lymph node enlargements, and when that happens with ARS, it is painless.

So all is well, no worries! I hope this information has been helpful.

35 months ago
thank you professor , for every single word that u wrote it, i feel well and confident , i will move on now , may u close the thread . Thank u again
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
35 months ago
Thanks for the thanks. I'm glad to have helped. Best wishes and stay safe. (However, I'm leaving the forum open a few more days in case you think of other issues that might be clarified further.)---