[Question #3445] hiv risk zero?

35 months ago
doctors i am sure i am not th first and will not be the last to display illogical anxieties over what you claim is zero risk exposure to hiv: me  performing analingus on a csw in the usa of unknown status.  

two questions:

is my risk really zero?

and how soon can i get tested and which test? it has been two weeks since exposure (i am hoping there was no exposure, obviously). 

thank you. 
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
35 months ago
Nobody can say the risk is zero from analingus, but if there have been no known cases of transmission by analingus, it's obviously low enough to be considered zero. In addition, it is statistically unlikely your CSW partner had HIV. A lab based HIV antigen-antibody test (i.e. "4th generation") is almost conclusive (98-99%) at 4 weeks and 100% after 6 weeks. Innumerable threads on this forum also discuss tests and timing; pick any 5-10 at random from the HIV Prevention and Safe Sex category.

Of course you're not the first or last forum user with unreasonable anxiety that does not seem to be helped by reasoned, science based reassurance from top experts. But for good reason, we do our best to limit such questions, as described in the closing comments in your previous thread. Future questions along these lines also will receive brief replies liks this one, without opportunity for follow-up comments; or will be deleted without reply. See the closing reply in your previous thread, which explains the policy and the reasoning behind it.

Really, mellow out!  If you cannot, professional counseling may be in order. I suggest it from compassion, not criticism.