[Question #3466] I need your confirmation - my child's symptoms

37 months ago

I understand your rules. I don't need a back and forth with follow ups. I'm paying the 25 dollars knowing I may not get anything, but I need to keep my sanity. We're about to be hit by a major snow storm and I wouldn't be able to get to a Dr. anyway. So I'm asking for your kindness. Every time I think I'm finally over it, something happens that makes me think I'm infected and much worse I have infected my family. 

Since we last communicated, I had a full panel at 95 days come back negative and non-reactive for everything (labcorp, HIV test was EIA 4th gen). I felt better.

Now - my beautiful 16 month old daughter developed a rash that we couldn't quite identify. No fever with it, kind of flesh colored you really can't see it unless you shine a light on it.  It started last week. Started on her belly and now is on her legs, cheeks, back, etc. The pediatrician said it's excema and wasn't concerned. My wife accepted that and wasn't concerned either. However, me thinking I infected my wife led to me thinking she unknowingly (through a nosebleed or taking a bite of apple etc) could have infected my daughter. When this rash started I ran to cvs and bought another oraquick. I was now 118 days past exposure and still negative. My wife today is complaining of stomach pains and she's nowhere near her next period (which should be at the end of the month at the earliest). 

I've thought about the exposure a million times. The only thing I left out was that I shaved my pubic region the morning of the event in the shower. The latest that happened would have been 7am and the exposure wasn't until 6:30 or later. I generally have some nicks and cuts after doing that especially when rushing. Her fluids could have been on her hands and definitely were on mine and they could have had contact with those kicks (above shaft). What can I do to make sure my daughter and wife aren't infected? Please. 
37 months ago
Lastly, I still have my 3 posterior nodes and a few very tiny nodes in front of the neck. ENT said she didn't think any were necessarily swollen or even reactive which gave me some piece of mind. In the past 2 weeks (and why I went to ENT, not HIV related, I have had bad clogged ears and intermittent quick headaches. That's the only change in my status. Besides the small palpable neck nodes I've had no other symptoms from exposure until now. 

My daughters rash is slightly raised, by the way. 
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
37 months ago
 I'm sorry to see that you have returned to our forum. I note that this is your fifth question on the same topic in a period of about two months. The question is repetitive and you have been warned about repeat questions yet you keep returning,  starting off with an apology each time.    To continue to believe that every coincidental bruise, sniffle, and rash occurring in any member of your family is due to having acquired HIV and transmitted it to family members is pathological.  Einstein  said that one definition of insanity is to keep asking the same question and expect different answers.  

 You do not have HIV. Except it!.   If you cannot I urge you to seek the counsel of a trained mental health professional. 

 This concludes this response. There will be no further responses in this thread will be closed shortly.  EWH