[Question #3545] Herpes transmission and concern

36 months ago

Hi This hopefully gets answered by Terri Warren. About 6 weeks ago I had oral and vaginal sex with a CSW, protected by a condom throughout. The vaginal sex lasted maybe 10 seconds. Since then I have gone for test for all the STD test, except herpes, at 4 weeks and none of them came positive. They have told me to wait for 3 months to get retested again to be conclusive. The thing is in Canada they don’t have test for Herpes, they only test when there is a blister or Lesion. My questions below are mostly due to concern, maybe due anxiety and paranoia.

1.       What are the chances I got HSV by this exposure? Even though my skin to skin vaginal sex was very brief.

2.       I haven’t had any sort of symptoms like blisters or lesions, I also had a Dr. examine and he couldn’t see any blisters or lesions. I have read sometimes symptoms could be mild or I could asymptomatic? what are the chances of that happening in my case or me missing them? I have examining myself regularly to see if I have some blisters? How would I know without going through a test?

3.       If for example I am asymptomatic in my case, what are the chance of me passing it to my regular partner via kissing, mutual masturbation and unprotected oral and regular sex?

4.       I am also paranoid that if I for example scratch myself or touch myself that I can pass it on to someone by touching them? Can this happen or would it happen in my case where there are no blisters or symptoms present?

5.       Also, what tests would you recommend that I could do in Canada? Something I can order online that would give me some sort of a conclusive result and I can move on?

6.       I know there is a test that is, Western Blot but I don’t know if it’s offered in a kit form or do I have to it in person?

7.       I have seen you do video consult sometimes, do you think I need to do that with you and go from there? Do you think there is a need in my situation?


Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
36 months ago
1.  I think with 10 second of vaginal intercourse using a condom the risk is probably almost zero
2.  As closely as your genitals are being examined, it reinforces my idea that this is just about a zero risk experience.
3.  If you happened to have genital infection, which I do not believe that you do, kissing would be no risk nor would mutual masturbation and limited risk with intercourse and oral sex.  But please see my answer to question 1.
4.  that is not a risk
5.  You could do an IgG antibody test but I do not recommend it for this situation
6.  You could do the western blot instead but again, I just don't feel it is necessary in this situation.  Now if you feel it is necessary  so you can stop worrying that is a different thing.
7.  Please see my answers to the questions above.