[Question #3569] Follow up #3494 Itching and tingling continues

36 months ago

Per Your advise I saw a family doc. He said I have fungal infection. For it to be fungal I don’t have raised rash or whiteness on the genital areas or rash that suggests like jock itch or fungus. However I trusted the doc and I have been using the anti-fungal for 2 wks the itching in perineum got better once or twice I could feel crawling or itch, but now scrotum is itching so badly and the base of scrotum where is meets the base of penis and pevlis are badly itching, extreme itching, not able to stop the urge to itch. I have to itch it and it does not turn red. My encounter lasted briefly for 15 sec when she sat on my top and then 30 sec back.

1. Did anyone present the same itching and redness symptoms you have seen in past that did show a positive herpes after 8 or 12 weeks and negative upto 7 weeks. Are my symptoms same as that? 

2. Should I test post three months again? 

3. Can I have sex with my wife in the next few weeks? I am feeling like I made mistake whenever I see my wife it’s killing me morally.4. If suppose it is herpes why did my anus and perineum itch when those areas never got in touch with her private parts? Is herpes site specific? Like occur only where the virus attacks? Or can it show up anywhere even though it transfers at one place? 

  1. Do you see my symptoms like herpes? 
  2. What else can it be if it is not herpes or no white patches to diagnose fungus or bacteria? I am totally lost. 
  3. I did not itch on my penis till date but I could feel tingling on penis now even though it is protected? 
  4. I read on few websites that constant erythema can be herpes? Any thoughts? 
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
36 months ago
We have discussed this at length and you have posted questions for our other experts as well about this encounter.  This question now to me is bordering on being deleted due to it being an anxiety driven question and thread where you have received many responses already. 
Your very brief protected intercourse with a sex worker in various positions does not present any real risk of acquiring HSV 2.
I will answer your questions very briefly and that will be our final response to you.  The other experts agree. 

1.  NO
2.  I do not see a reason to retest, no
3.  I don't see a reason not to have sex with your wife at this time
4.  You should not suppose that you have herpes.  Primary outbreaks of herpes occur at the site of exposure - you did not really have a site of exposure
5.  NO
6.  There do not need to be white patches present for you to have a fungal infection - don't know where you heard or read that but it is not accurate.
7.  I don't see a question there.
8.  Constant redness without sores is not consistent with herpes.