[Question #3579] Herpes?

36 months ago
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I have had unprotected oral sex (both ways)  about 3 times in the last month with a sex worker. I have no symptoms.  But the other day my wife had a painful white looking sore inside her mouth towards the back of her throat. Worried, I got an std check from Lab Corp. I tested .91 for HSV 2 which they called "equivocal" and say it could be early stages and I should get retested...if that's the case how long should wait . What does "equivocal" mean in this context and what do you think my chances are of having contracted and passed along HSV 2. Maybe coincidentally a few days after the sore appeared, I seem to be having a breakout of my long standing HSV 1 which of course i tested positive for. I tested negative for everything else.

A little history. In that past I tested positive for HSV 2 a few time with Quest but negative with LabCorp.  I got the Western Blot and tested negative.
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
35 months ago
I think it is very likely that this equivocal result is along the same lines as your previous positive then negative IgG followed by a negative western blot.  I think it is very very unlikely that you would acquire HSV 2 genitally from receiving oral sex, even from a sex worker.  People who have HSV 2 orally shed and recur quite infrequently and I doubt you would receive oral sex from her on a day that she happened to be shedding virus.  I don't think it would hurt to test once more,perhaps a month out, so see if there is any dramatic increase in the index value but I would be so very surprised if you contracted HSV 2 in this way.