[Question #3610] Persistent urethritis/UTI

36 months ago

I've asked a couple of questions in the past few weeks, but there are new developments in my case and I want to reassess:

3/23: Unprotected receiving oral sex from a CSW
4/2: Burning sensation in penis starts (not when urinating, but mostly constant)
Also, a shooting pain in the corona of the glans (right side) starts.
4/6: took 1.0 g of azythromicin and 500 mg of cefixime.
4/8: blood analysis  and culture done: negative and WBC count of 2-4/hpf. Gonorrhea test and culture test negative.
Ultrasound shows inflammed bladder. Took 1.0 g of fosfomicin.
4/10: started levofloxacin 500 mg once a day. Still on the med.
4/14: symptoms persist. Doctor prescribes tamsulosin and orders a new ultrasound and a CT scan. They come back normal and bladder is not inflamed anymore. Eveything appears normal in kidneys, prostate and bladder.
4/16: new urine analysis done. Gonorrhea test and culture negative again. However, WBC is now in 8-10/hpf. Did not test for chlamydia as I've read that is rarely, if ever, transmitted by oral sex.

No noticeable discharge, except sometimes the last stream of urine is kind of sticky (it sticks to the toilet). I pressume is semen, because I had retrograde ejaculation when started the tamsulosin. It doesn't occur always.

The burning sensation still persists, and with the relatively high WBC (8-10) in the last test, I'm going crazy. I thought of the possibility of herpethic urethritis, but there are no apparent lesions in the exterior of my penis. Have occassional testicle pain also, sometimes in one testicle, and sometimes in both.

Your assessment would be very appreciated. I am going crazy here. My main concern right now is intercourse with my wife.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
36 months ago
I am disappointed to see you back on our Forum for a 3rd time, asking again questions which were already answered.  You have already asked if this might be herpes and told that this is not at all suggestive of herpes but you asked again.  Repeating your question does not change the answer, nor does the fact that you are continuing to experience penile discomfort.   There is no evidence of STI here.  My advice is to work with your urologist.

In an earlier reply I also said, "Further repetitive posts may be deleted with comment and without refund of your posting fee.  I wish you the best and hope that all of my comments have been helpful."

There will not be further replies to this or future posts on this exposure.  EWH