[Question #3631] Herpes?

35 months ago
On April 11th I had a sexual encounter with a transexual prostitute. I received unprotected oral sex and also engagened in rubbing of our penises together for a few minutes. She was masturbating both of our penises at the same time while they were both in her hand. Yesterday I noticed some redness on my foreskin and now today I notice two red bumps on my shaft, right on a vein, not near the redness from yesterday. As of now I don't see any blister.
1.) Is this consistent with herpes.
2.)if it is am I right in thinking it is hsv-1 or is hsv-2 a possibility with the penis rubbing.
3.) If it is Hsv-1 what are the chances of transmitting this to my girlfriend. 
35 months ago
Since I haven't heard back I figured I would add some more info I forgot to include. 
1.) On Sunday I was doing yard work and have a rash on my arms. In so remember inspecting my penis on that day without washing my hands.
2.)The redness on my penis has decreases significantly since my first post and the red dots seem to respond to the ant-histamines I have been taking for my arms.
If this rash on my penis goes away without treatment in a few days could I assume it is no longer hsv? Also still no blisters. Just redness.
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
35 months ago
Two bumps - not sure what those looked like - were they blisters was there any fluid inside?  The unprotected oral sex could potentially result in a herpes infection - we know that much genital herpes is now HSV 1.  Have you ever in your life had a cold sore in your nose on on your lip?  If yes, then acquiring that same virus (HSV 1) would be very unlikely. 
The rash on your arms would have nothing at all to do with herpes, nohpe.
The fact that you just have some diffuse redness now does not suggest herpes - the only thing that concerns me at all where the bumps that you described.  But even with that - the fact that this happened so distant from the encounter speaks against new genital herpes. 
Let me know about your cold sore history, OK?