[Question #364] really messed up need help plz

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100 months ago

im shame to say Im a married man been with the love of my life for 6 years give or take now,and littery screwed my life up in 1 minute of stupidness

almost 9 weeks ago I was working on the streets and a girl came up to me and started flirting with my and w.e long story short she was a tansxual prostitute ( i didn't know)and its  MOUTH WAS ON PENIS FOR 1 MINUTE UNPROTECTED  till I got freaked out at ran out..(went to wash my self with soap within 5 minutes of exposure)

no symptoms just a ingrown that I freaked out on AND A YELLOW TOUNG that never was there before and know one can tell me what it is!!!!!!!!!!(BEEN HEAVY SMOKING BEC OF THE ANIXETY)

I already had sex with my wife a few times and im bugging out because she doesn't stop itching her head,feet,theighs,back,but and sometimes her vagaina.

I have been constantly tested for 8 weeks everything negative besides my hsv 1 (and Idk if I got that from this exposure or before ) about to go on my 9th week of testing and im so scared

I stopped the sex with my wife for now made up some story that the urologist gave me to say but that only gives me till my 11th week

as of right now my scariest thing is that I gave my wife hsv 2 and idk if I can live with my self  because there's no cure and I want to tell her what happened but every time I try someone talks me out of it and tells me there's no point of telling her now until something shows up bec Im just going to loose my marriage and give her crazy anxiety  but I love her so much

GC NEGATIVE 3days 1,2,3,4,5,6 weeks
HIV 4TH GENERATION NEGATIVE 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 going on 9
also did and hiv rna 1,2,3,4 negative
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 GOING ON 9


my questions are
1. how accurate are my results till now?
2.(as I mentioned my main concern is transmitting hsv2)
2a. how risky was my exposure and if im negative god willing at 12 weeks can I move on????????????????? or do I have to wait till 16 weeks(I don't think I can take this much longer)
3.hsv 1 im scared I just got it from recent exposure how can I know?
4.i got a panic attack and the urgent care gave me a shot of predtnizone and im scared that cured me or something like that
5. am I missing any std tests or w.e
6. has anyone ever seen a syphilis test change after 8 weeks?

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100 months ago
I just read from one of dr hooks replys to someone that z-pack might cure gc or any sti and im scared I gave smtn to my wif and im cured=//////////////////////////
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100 months ago

omggggggg I was gaven a preditzone shot and daily oral preditzone does that mean I could have cleaned my self and my wife can have something????

if so please let me know and I will urgently tell my wife everything!!!

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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
100 months ago
Welcome to the forum. You really do need our help and I'm glad to provide it. In 11 years of doing online forums and thousands of questions, I don't think I've ever seen someone with as many tests as you have had in such a short period of time, especially for infections that were not possible from the exposure described.

First, oral sex is safe sex. You were at low risk for all STDs and zero risk for some. Further, most that one would acquire from oral sex would cause typical symptoms of the penis, i.e. discharge, sores, etc. In fact, I would have recommended against any and all STD testing. Second, neither your symptoms nor your wife's are typical for any STD. They have nothing to do with the sexual exposure you are concerned about. Third, as noted above, you have been very seriously overtested. Almost all the tests you had were unnecessary because you cannot be infected by oral sex, or were tested beyond the time when results were conclusive. To your questions:

1) Gonorrhea (probably also chlamydia) was conclusive at 3 days. All other tests were unnecessary. HIV:  there was little or no risk by oral sex (there are no proved cases anywhere in the world for oral to penis HIV transmission), but your test result was conclusive at 4 weeks, all others unnecessary. Hepatitis A, B, C:  You were at no risk for these, no point in testing. But the results are conclusive.  HSV2: Also little or no risk from oral sex. But for a conclusive blood test, you need to wait until 16 weeks. Syphilis: conclusive at 6 weeks and beyond. HPV: no test available, and little or no risk from oral sex.

2) There is no chance you caught HSV2 or transmitted it to your wife.

2a) See above.

3) It takes several weeks to develop a positive blood test for HSV1. If you had a positive result before 4 weeks, it proves you were infected before the exposure. Most people have HSV1 orally since childhood.

4) Prednisone had no effect on your risk or your test results.

5) There are no other tests you should have.

6) Nobody ever develops a new positive syphilis blood test beyond 8 weeks.

In summary, you have seriously overreacted. Don't confuse STD risk with your anxieties about a sexual decision you regret. They aren't the same. Deal with the former as you need to, but forget the latter. And for goodness' sake, stop wasting money on STD testing. You're fine and needn't worry about it.

Best wishes and happy holidays--  HHH, MD

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100 months ago
Ty dr my main concern is my wife i love her with all my heart and this minute of what happend really distroyed me for 9 weeks now and still going  thank you again and what you guys do is great.

My main concern at the moment is i went to wifes urgent care cause i was having a panic attack and i couldnt breath and the dr injected me with a big dose of prednisone and im scared that could have cured me of some std and she still in danger 

I can only hold off till 12 weeks with my wife and she allready asking alot of questions and not to mention i lost alot of weight due to the chlonpoins i take for my anixety if i dont have any symptoms and my hsv 2 test is negative at 11, and 12 weeks can i be considered safe?
And can you do a math senerial like you do on other forums with my risk exposure and my test at 11,and 12 weeks for hsv2 saying my result is god willing .7 igg ?
(Just to help me sleep somewhat at night)
Sorry doc i really love my wife and everythig was 100% till 9 weeks ago havnt worked eat or sleep normally

Thanks again for calming me down a bit 
Would deff ask more questions and pay for them and again please just let me know about the prednisone i took 

Happy holidays dr hhh dr hook and dr terri

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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
100 months ago
This additional iformation doesn't change my opinion or advice. I already commented on prednisone. I have nothing more to say about it. The math is zero chance you have any STD from the event described-- you can't get lower than that. And that includes HSV2. Your HSV2 test is negative; the number doesn't mean anything else as long as it's below the positive cut-off (0.9). And as I said, thYou should be continuing sex with your wife. DO NOT WAIT FOR ANOTHER HSV2 TEST TO DO THAT!!!

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100 months ago
Ok dr i trust your knoledge
Can you explain why my wife is verry itchy in those spots also 2 days during these 9 weeks she had a cottage cheese discharge i dont belive its there anymore 
My yellow toung thrush what can that be from?
I cant have sex with my wife because i told her i was having problems getting it up and i went to the urolgist and he said dont ejaculate for 2 weeks and come back for testing and then its her period for a week or so (baught sometime just incase) 
Im sorry for askingg and saying this but as i mentioned before from my exposure the only real thing im scared of giving her is hsv 2, i did hear people getting hsv 2 from recieving oral and read about it online from oral i know the risk is low but still there and i just want to be sure if i can.
Dr i wouldnt know what to do if i got it and gave it to her thats my real scare can you plz plz plz explain somewhat about hsv2 and recievng oral and im sorry for saying this and i hope you dont get mad but im still going to test for the hsv 2 igg at the 11,12 week and hope to take that as a conclusive result 
But please explain plz im so scared of hsv 2 and transmitting it to her 
Sorry dr 
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100 months ago
And if you can put it why its rare to get hsv 2 from recieng oral would help me out plz
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99 months ago
Do i have to pay more for more answers plz dr
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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
99 months ago
Patience, patience. The moderators are not on call 24/7. We endeaver to answer follow-up comments within 24 hours, but not faster.

Your wife's symptoms (genital itching, cheesy discharge) are absolutely typical for a vaginal yeast infection. Almost every woman has this from time to time and no STD cuases the same symptoms. It has nothing to do with your outside sexual exposure.

Coated tongue and thrush are not the same thing. Coated tongue is nonspecific, i.e. never an indicator of any particular health problem. It's not evidence of any STD. It is nothing to worry about.

HSV2 is rare from oral sex because it uncommonly infects the oral cavity -- usually it is strictly genital. When the mouth area is infected, it is rarely transmissible, because viral shedding in the absence of visible outbreaks is uncommon. In my 40 years in the STD business, I have never seen a patient with genital HSV2 acquired by oral sex. Perhaps you have been confused about terminology. Genital herpes isn't the same as HSV2. When genital herpes is acquired by oral sex, it is almost always HSV1. But as discussed above, your blood test shows you already had HSV1, therefore you are immune to catching it again. If you insist on having another HSV2 test, do it only once at 12 weeks. However, your current negative result is almost conclusive. Almost nobody ever becomes positive later after being negative at 6-8 weeks.

I can't undo the crazy stuff you told your wife about sex, seeing a urologist, etc. Most likely she suspects the truth: the large majority of people understand that STDs (or risk of them) are the only reason that a doctor would ever recommend not having sex. And that any symptoms you had that required testing would imply an STD problem. I'm not necessarily saying you should 'fess up to your wife. There is no medical reason to do so -- it's a relationship question. But I believe you should consider it. Otherwise strong marriages usually can stand up to such events.

ASHA policy limits threads to two follow-up comments and replies, which we have reached. However, I'm going to leave it open for one final comment if you have anything remains unclear. Please plan on not asking adding a new thread on this same exposure and your concerns about it.

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99 months ago

hi dr hhh sorry to bother you during holiday season and thank you for keeping the forum open so I found out that the shot I got at my 3 week mark  WASNT a prednisone shot it was either SOLUMEDROL or DECADRON and I was taking the prednisone after they gave me the shot as well orally,(due to chest congestion and my anxiety was making it worse)

im sorry but my wifes itchiness doesn't stop and I cant seem to find out what its from, and my Tung is still yellow and I did a oral biopsy at the ENT and it came out negative. today I went to take my 10 week std test cause of my anxiety is crazy already

 she was never like this before what happened to me and im just scared that im ok and shes not I hope my 10 week test come out negative for both of our sake

ive got tested like 4 times before the injection aswell

can you help me out plz in anyway can SULUMEDROL or DECADRON injection and taking prednisone orally cure any stds like ngu ghonnereha clymidia, syphilis,or hepitits????

and what can her itching be from if god forbid it is an std or sti??????(she itches her hands,arms,back,but,head,feet,thieghs,neck,head, and time to time her vagina area/groin area)

im trying to put this behind me and enjoy my life with my wife but every time I come home shes itching!!!!!

plz help ty

happy holidays what you guys do is great!

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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
99 months ago
This information doesn't change my opinion or advice. Solumedrol is methylprednisolone and Decadron is dexamathasone. As those names suggest, they are also corticosteroid drugs, just like prednisone. They maie no difference in the chance you acquired any STD or the results of your tests. Your wife's itching has NOTHING TO DO AT ALL with your outside sexual activities, and no STD causes such itching anyway. She should see her doctor about it, but I have no other ideas about what might be causing it.

Thanks for the holiday wishes. Same to you.