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Dr’s I asked a question about a month back  but I had forgotten my username and password and was on able to login for third and final question   The title was something like 102 days enough. Anyways just to give you insight on the situation I have tested five times after what I believed was an exposure at 27 days 42 days 72 days 102 days and finally and most recently literally on the six-month mark 182 days. anyways just to give you insight on the situation I have tested five times after what I believed was an exposure at 27 days 42 days 72 days 102 days and finally and most recently literally on the six-month mark 182 days  - all negative All tests were fourth generation test with quest diagnostics using CMIA method  blood draws from my arm   


1. Are the above tests beyond conclusive?


2. Any reason at all to worry further?Are these results 100% confirmation for me?


3.My girlfriend keeps getting sick on and off since the last time we had intercourse  on January 19 of this year   The perceived exposure I’m speaking about was last year October 19 just as an FYI Am I being irrational in thinking that something could’ve happened to her in terms of HIV and my tests are in accurate ?


4. The fact that I continually think about this and worry every time she gets sick there’s that lead you to believe that this is more of a mental issue with me at this point just looking for your honest opinion?I can Understand my anxiety and irrational thinking around this but keep getting this weird feeling that perhaps  my tests are for some reason just not finding the disease   I have scanned so many of your threads on this website as well as when you work with Medhelp And realize these questions are most likely anxiety driven.  The issue is you read so much stuff out there on the Internet and I find myself continually drawn to it which fuels my worries. Just looking for some additional reassurance and motivation that I should forget this whole worry completely?


Thank you very much for your

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sorry meant to say, “thank you for your help”
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
35 months ago
Welcome back to the Forum.  I found your earlier post and reviewed it and your interaction with Dr. Handsfield.  I agree with all that he said and must say that your new questions appear to repeat many of the questions that were answered by Dr. Handsfield.  Thus my responses will be short.  Just for purposes of perspective, amongst the things Dr. Handsfield said were the following: "ARS always starts within 1-2 weeks of exposure, and seroconversion always is complete before 3 months and usually 6 weeks, depending on the particular test."

On to your questions.
1.  Yes, absolutely.  You need to accept the results.  Further testing is a waste of time and money.
2.  See above. You have repeatedly proven that you did not acquire HIV form the exposure you have described.
3.  Yes, you are not thinking properly about this.  You are assuming that her mild, every day, coincidental illnesses and symptoms are due to HIV.  Your test results prove that this is not the case.
4.  Anxiety and guilt are powerful forces.  When combined with the mis-information that is all too common on the internet.  My strong recommendation is for you to stop testing and since you clearly are having trouble moving forward, my advice to you is to seek professional counseling help with a mental health professional. Such services are typically confidential and are something you need.

I hope these comments are helpful.  EWH

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Thanks Dr. Hook

1. If I had the highest risk exposure when would you say is enough testing for conclusive results and which test would deem that a reality?

2. Are there any tests better than I have already taken?

3. If someone is seronegative for antibodies would the antigen always be present?

4. Does hiv 2 have a different window

5. Any strains not detected for both via 4th gen tests?

6. I’m presuming I can’t get any more conclusive then I already am for being negative with my testing history?

7. Do you come across obsessive patients on this topic outside of forums, I.e in person and if so how do you guide them?

8. Have you heard or seen anyone with my testing history later turn otherwise?

That will be all

Thank you
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
35 months ago
1.  Risk" has nothing to do with test performance.  Results of combined antigen/antibody tests are conclusive at 6 weeks irrespective of risk.
2.  No
3.  After six weeks, yes.
4.  No, your results are conclusive for HIV-2 as well.
5.  No
6.  Correct
7.  I provide them with the same information I have provided to you, recommend that they seek professional counseling and then decline to see them in follow-up in the same way that after this thread any further questions on this topic and related to the exposures you mentioned will be deleted without comment and without refund of your posting fee.
8.  No

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1. So any current symptoms would not be associated with anything?
I don’t believe symptoms would begin post 6 months. - feel like I have a small bump under one armpit and keep associating it to a lymph node- is this worrisome at all to you?

2. I also had hep b and c along with syphillis at 6 months, is that ample time?

3. I have been thru this type of scare last year and I think my worry and anxiety from the last exposure bleeding into this exposure worry has been a lot for me to mentally handle. I’m not an irrational person but I feel like I’m definitely thinking irrationally about this. 

4. Redundant but to confirm I need to completely let this worry pass without any worry what so ever.?

Thank you and that will inevitably be all. 

Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
35 months ago
Final answeRs.  Before I do however, I must warned you that further repetitive, anxiety-driven posts may be deleted with comment.  Your questions:

1.  Your negative tests are conclusive and any symptoms you ( or someone close to you)  experience are unrelated to the encounter you have described. 
2.  Yes, 6  month hepatitis and Syphilis tests are conclusive  as well. 
3.  Understood.  I believe you would benefit from professional counseling to help you work through your unwarranted concerns.
4.  Correct.

 You have now received three replies to your questions. Therefore as per Forum guidelines this thread that will be closed later today. EWH