[Question #3653] Worried About HSV1

35 months ago

I posted about 5 weeks ago, I had a single oral unprotected encounter with a professional woman. Kissing happened but No vaginal sex was had.

-At 6 days I tested negative for Gonorrhea & Clamydia
-Didn't have any lesions or sores on my penis so I felt fine

About 5 1/2 weeks after exposure I noticed I was developing some jock itch on my inner thigh. I have had this before and have been exercising regularly but of course I became worried what if this is HSV 1 (or 2).

-How likely is it that I develop herpes after 5.5 weeks?
-Would it occur on my thigh? or is it most likely to occur on the penis which was the only part of me that made contact with the other person?
-How distinguishable is herpes? I see pictures online but everything looks like "worst case scenario". Could it be a "mild" case?
      -In my case it just looks like an irritated small patch of skin that itches especially when its hot and I sweat (No Pus, no big sores, etc)

I am already treating the jock itch with prescription but just cant get this worry of Genital HSV1 out of my head. Please advise.

Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
35 months ago
It is extremely unlikely that you would experience first symptoms 5.5 weeks after an encounter.  If people are going to develop symptoms with a new herpes infection, it happens usually within 2-10 days.  And it would occur on the penis, hot on the thigh.  And jock itch rash and herpes look nothing alike in their clinicla presentation.  Herpes lesions are separate lesions on a red base (most often) and jock itch is a more diffuse red rash.  What you describe doesn't fit with a herpes concern in any way.