[Question #3687] Stiffness in neck

33 months ago
Hi Dr, how are you?

Returning to forum after some time, and would like your opinion.

For the last month, I´ve started to experience stiffness in the neck (with pain). This pain is increasing to the point I cannot now do some movements with neck.

I can´t find any explanation for this (no trauma, or change of pillow, or anything). I remembered that a read in the past in some HIV/DST forums that this can be caused by a related infection.

Do you already know my question at this point: Can this be something related to the exposure I had in 2017? 

Also, what should be the first doctor I should seek to look at it?

thank you.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
33 months ago
Your prior testing has proved that you do not have HIV.  I can only presume from this post that you are continuing to look at he e-mail for evidence that you might have HIV despite both negative HIV PCR and combination HIV antigen/antibody tests which conclusively prove that you do not have HIV.  This suggests that you continue to inappropriately focus on the low risk exposure you had months ago. 

While muscle aches (and therefore perhaps a stiff neck) can be a part of the symptoms of RECENTLY acquired HIV, they occur in combination with sore throat, high fever and other flu-like symptoms and to be having them at this time is far too long after the exposure you have described in past to be related to HIV.  You need to look for other causes of your stiff neck.  This could be tension and anxiety or other problems.  I suggest you talk with your regular doctor about your back pain, looking for the non-HIV reason for your neck pain. 

In addition, I suggest that you seek mental health counseling to get professional assistance in overcoming your continued, inappropriate concerns over HIV.

Finally, while I will allow follow-up questions as part of this thread, I must warn you that continued anxiety-driven questions related to your concerns over HIV related to the low risk exposure you described months ago may be deleted without further responses and without return of your funding.  I say this because for us to keep answering your unnecessary questions only serves to fuel your inappropriate concerns.  I say this out of concern for you, nothing more.  EWH