[Question #3702] Dr. Hook, would you please clarify re: giardisil follow up

34 months ago
Dr. Hook, please do understand, I'm just trying to make sure I understand you correctly. My intention is not to abuse this forum and this is my last and only remaining question and I promise I'll never post another question on here regarding this topic again. The reason for the follow up question was that there was a discrepancy in your second to last answer, which is the main to my question, so I wanted clarification on that alone. I think you can appreciate that I'm not discounting your responses, only acknowledging there was contradiction and I just want to understand. 

You answered the second to last question with...."that you acquired HPV from an encounter which occurred before you completed your course of HPV vaccine to the vaccine (accurate) is putting two and two together to get 7. Here is what the situation is:
1. You started the HPV vaccine
2. You had an encounter and, I guess, a known exposure to HPV 16 after the 2nd vaccination    (inaccurate- exposure was prior to 1-2nd vaccination) (negative testing after 2nd vaccination)

#2 implies that the vaccine was completed before the exposure, and it wasn't. both vaccine were completed after the exposure, but prior to infection. This is the entire motivation for my question and it contradicts your previous answer and you mentioned my question was confusing, so I want to ensure I am being very clear and I apologize for any confusion. 

To end this line of questioning ( understand that after two vaccincations, you are protected)- but....
1. That it doesn't matter whether you STARTED the vaccine AFTER the exposure, but as long as the 2nd vaccine was completed BEFORE the infection, you would prevent any infection of HPV-16 for that exposure from occurring?
 I understand that if you completed two prior to any exposure that would prevent it, but my specific question is that completion AFTER, and #2 contradicted my question. 

Thanks so much
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
34 months ago
This is a repetative, anxiety driven question. You are over-analyzing everything, including nit-picking responses to the reasoned, science-based information and advice you have had. Such questions are contrary to forum policy. I will succinctly reply to this single question, with no opportunity for further disucssion. Future questions from you on this topic will receive no replies and there will be no refund of the posting fee. 

If you were exposed to and infected with HPV16 before the first dose of vaccine, of course you could have been infected. Probably you would still be susceptible if exposed and therefore possibly infected between doses 1 and 2.  In either case, the vaccine would do nothing about any already established infection and you would not be protected against HPV16 related disease in the future. If you were exposed at those times but NOT infected, the vaccine would be protective against future infections.

You cannot know that you don't already have HPV16 just because you had a negative tests for it. Re-read our discussion in your very first thread. The tests for HPV miss most past and many currently active infections.