[Question #3768] Hep B and C Risk

35 months ago
Dear Doctors, thanks a lot for your past help which has helped me in moving forward and focusing on health and family. As you know, in the past over 3 years back I had one or two encounters of receiving unprotected oral sex from a female CsW followed by protected vaginal sex - I'm a 37 yo male. I got tested for hiv and bunch of other things and results came out negative. I got vaccinated for hepatitis b later but didn't test for hep b and c after these events. Now in connection with a liver test as my ALT and GGT were high the doctor did fibro test and spotted severe fatty liver (372) and initial fibrosis (8.7) I also have 30% stenosis in heart. The Doctor has not recommended hep b and hep c test but I'm thinking about doing them. I have a wife and daughter now who are both hep b vaccinated. Apologies for these questions but I trust you most on these and thought should ask.

You had noted earlier that my risk to get hep b or hep c from these events was zero. While I'll get tests done next week a few questions:

1. Can a person with hep b or hep c live with wife and kids without posing them any risk?

2. Is there a treatment for hep b or hep c?

3. How long can one live despite these infections?
Thanks again. 
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
35 months ago
Sorry, it does not qualify as a new topic (and therefore does not escape the policy on repeat anxiety driven postings) just because a new virus or STD is mentioned. The principles about risk to you of nonsexual exposures, and risks of such exposure from you to others, have been repeatedly discussed in your many threads. At this point, you do not know that you have either hepatitis A or B, but you were not at risk for them. Your liver disease is much more likely is a metabolic problem, as your doctors have diagnosed. You should not make your own decisions about what lab tests to have for further evaluation of the problem. Discuss with your doctor.