[Question #38] HSV 2 ?

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105 months ago

Dear Doctor;


Sorry for quickly and un-formally contacting you , I found your details from various boards and made a conclusion to contact you as I am believing you would honestly and objectively support and help into my status. Please forgive due my writing and English capabilities.




First suspicious contact 21.May.2015


1st HSV2 Blood Test *HSV 2 ONLY

Test Date : 04.June.2015

Test Result Date:08.June.2015


IgM Positive

IgG Negative


2nd HSV2 Blood Test *HSV 2 ONLY

Test Date : 15.June.2015

Test Result Date:19.June.2015


IgM Positive

IgG Negative


3th HSV2 Blood Test *HSV 1 & HSV 2 (Laboratory believes there is a false positive as i had a cold sore on my lip 1 week before the First Test Date at : 04.06.2015

Test Date : 24.June.2015

Test Result Date:26.June.2015



IgM Negative

IgG Positive



IgM Negative

IgG Negative



4th HSV2 Blood Test *HSV 2 ONLY

Test Date : 27.June.2015

Test Result Date:01.July.2015


IgM Negative

IgG Negative



Note: The laboratory claims that all is fine, but below my symptoms (Which may direct or indirect influencing my mental and physical condition)


1:I am not asking for food, and not  wishful to eat, but eating well when i sit down on table.

2:I have appearing small red points on skin %99 percent on my arms and hands, they are not round or do not have special formation ,no itching, no pain, disappearing in few days.

3:Have pain while urination , checked all medical tests via Dr, he had no signs for ulcers, blisters etc.

4:Have pain mild pain in testicles, and lot of needle pains in all over penis area, but no  blisters.

5:I had skin fall-off in testicles just happened in one day, after bath nothing left , but was first time in my life and really lot of skin.

6:Have burning sensation in skin especially in my outer skin neck (on outer skin )

7:I have a dry cough (I had this earlier , as i have problems with my stomach , but now it’s not quitting, and sometimes the need for break is there especially when I cough too much)

8:I have dermatitis eczema , in my face, which spread to my hands before 4-5 months ago, but last 2 weeks ago i had a complete inner skin fall-of on my hands, and it got better in 5-6 days.

9:I do feel that I have some problem with vision, 2 weeks before I had so much itching in eyes, I wake-up in the morning and saw that my eye lips were become big , like I had a small punch on my eye, now they are fine but think that I cant see good anymore, especially the objects in far (maybe psychological)

10:I had itching in anus area, which I immediately gone to DR, the results was “ I have hemorrhoid type 2” but this wasn’t itching at all before)


I have tried to contact some DR in here, but they were not interested at all, as they say it doesn’t makes any sense to them if there is no results visible in meningitis, or etc..

 I have added also all test as attachements, please, as far no HIV , no HPV, but main problem is the HSV...


Professor, asking you valuable input, as I am concerning to have something that may infect my brain or eyes .Really confused. I tried another Laboratory yesterday, they offered me a PCR test by urine sample, and the results will be available by tomorrow.


Have great day with you and sorry for taking your time.

Attachment: Tests.zip
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105 months ago

Additional Information for Contact;

The Specious Contact doesn’t contain any Oral & Vagina & Anal Intercourse, i have just given Oral to her Outer Vagina Lips (no liquid transfer) for 6-7 seconds.... Except this contact there is no contact

Additional Information for Symptoms;

My complet body was in rash , but not more since 3 week.

Sore throat since 5 weeks, even now.

Living Constipation since 2 weeks, although I eat nothing not much looks processed?

2-3 Times in a week shortage on breath, I feel like I am in a wet closed room , and nothing is breathable.

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105 months ago
Dear Professor;

I have received the result of teh PCR Test, which you can see here below; Do you think this test done day 43 is fine?

Note:Since yesterday i have some pain inmy neck , just feeling teh pain when i push my hands its just below where the skull ends.

Thanks for all advice and support, even having the chance to write someone, is feelign good.

Test Date:01.July.2015
Test Result Date:03.July.2015


Bakteriler :     Chlamydia trachomatis                            : Negatif

Neisseria gonorrhoeae                           : Negatif

Mycoplasma hominis                              : Negatif

Mycoplasma genitalium                          : Negatif

Ureaplasma urealyticum                        : Negatif

Parazitler   :    Trichomonas vaginalis                             : Negatif

Spiroketler :    Treponema pallidum                               : Negatif

Virüsler      :     Herpes Simplex virus 1                            : Negatif

Herpes Simplex virus 2                            : Negatif

Human Papilloma virus (HPV)

HPV Tip-16 (High risk    )                      :Negatif

HPV Tip-18 (High risk    )                      :Negatif

HPV Tip-31 (High risk    )                       :Negatif

HPV Tip-33 (High risk    )                       :Negatif

HPV Tip-35 (High risk    )                      :Negatif

HPV Tip-39 (High risk    )                      :Negatif

HPV Tip-45 (High risk    )                       :Negatif

HPV Tip-52 (High risk    )                       :Negatif

HPV Tip-56 (High risk    )                       :Negatif

HPV Tip-58 (High risk    )                       :Negatif

HPV Tip-51 (High risk    )                        :Negatif

HPV Tip-59 (High risk    )                        :Negatif

HPV Tip-66 (High risk    )                        :Negatif

HPV Tip-68 (High risk    )                        :Negatif

HPV Tip-6   (Low           risk)                   :Negatif

HPV Tip-11 (Low           risk)                   :Negatif

HPV Tip-40 (Low           risk)                   :Negatif

HPV Tip-42 (Low           risk)                   :Negatif

HPV Tip-43  (Low           risk)                  :Negatif

HPV Tip-44  (Low           risk)                :Negatif


Test, bir multipleks PCR (moleküler) yöntemidir. Bu test ile, cinsel yolla buladan 10 etker<5 bakteri, 3 virüs, 1 parazit. 1 spiroket) aranmakta ve saptanarak isimlendirilmektedir.

Kullanılan moleküler yöntemin aşamaları şunlardır

1.  aşama     : DNA / RNA izolasyonu

2.  aşama     : Nested PCR x 2 kez

3.  aşama     : PCR Multipleks uygulaması                                                                    

Prof.Dr.Paşa GÖKTAS

Dr.Z.Nilay MALKOÇ                                                      Dr. Seda DBullRSÖZ                                                      Dr.Funda,K0ÇDOĞAN                                                 

Note:It sayy the test is an Multiplex PCR (molecular) test , it contains test subjects for 10 backteria, 3 viruses, 1 parazistes, and a Spirochaetales.

The methode used to invastigaet contains Phases Below:

1.Phase: DNA / RNA Isolation
2.Phase:Nested PCR  x2 Times
3.Phase:PCR Multiplex Application
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Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
105 months ago
I'm sorry, but I'm not familiar with a urine PCR test for herpes.  There are certainly swab test PCRs from lesions that are great for herpes, but again, I don't know about the utility of a urine test for herpes.  Unless you had herpes lesions in the urethra at the time the test was done, I doubt that it would be useful.  I see that your HSV 2 IgG test is negative, which is the only one you should be paying attention to.  You have HSV 1 as you have cold sores so I would expect that to be positive.  Forty three days is only about 6 weeks.  At 6 weeks, about 70% of those infected will be positive, so you can see that some people do become positive after 6 weeks.

Terri Warren
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105 months ago
Dear Terri;

Would you mind to share your thoughts regards the items below;

Is it possible to, I had a false positive in my first two blood tests as the IgM which was positive has changed to negative
in last two blood tests.

Is it possible that IgM disappears completely before IgG is produced, normally as far as I know the IgM shall raise, then IgG must get involved and the IgM must slowly disappear .The elate production of IgG is understandable but all along the way IgM must be there to handover to IgG.

By the way I have been diagnose to have a HPV type 66 in anus (which no one understand from where), any comment, how can I start to treatment, any earlier step I can take t prevent any bad results?

Thanks lot.