[Question #3898] Hsv 2 - disinfecting and general question

32 months ago
Recently i asked about disinfecting and the use of vinegar. 

I just need clarifcation, please excuse me if i seem redundant. 

So, even tho its common undrstanding no additional precations need to be taken to prevent house hold spread of hsv2. Natural cleaners are not consodered effective in disinfecting the herpes virus? 

Im just super confused here :) 
Clearly ive missed something. Ill put it into numbered questions as i see others do :)

1. If regular soap kills the virus why wouldnt vinegar?
2. If the virus dies easily away from the body, do we need to be concerned of our floors and inanimate surfaces

Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
31 months ago
I guess I honestly don't know much about vinegar except that it is an acid.  I'm not aware of any research showing that it kills herpes virus but there is a lots of data that soap destroys lipids which surround the herpes virus and keep it intact.  Without the lipid layer present the virus falls apart.  I'm not clear why you are this focused on vinegar but I guess you could look up more about it if this is really important to you. 
You do not need to be concerned about your floor or other inanimate surfaces.