[Question #390] worried about std / HIV

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98 months ago
Dear Doctor ,

Please assess my risk  

i am getting married in two days time 

i have an encounter with a very high risk Asian hooker in united Arab emirates 

i was clothed with my very thin cotton pants and underwear and she was wearing only a very thin underwear .

i dry humped with her for ten to twenty  minutes on her anal side  ( back ass side )

i ejaculated in my clothes . The semen was  there on my outer pants .

i am not sure whether there was her vaginal / anal  fluids also on my clothes or not .

if it was there what are my chances to get infected?

she massaged my nipples many times .( she has gone to washroom once and after that massaged my nipples , she might have vaginal fluids on her hands . i do not have any cuts on my nipples )

i fingered her ass over underwear , no cut on my finger 

can i get Herpes / HIV / Syphilis or any other STD like this )

Please let me know my risk if there is any theoretical risk also .

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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
98 months ago
Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question.

You needn't be at all worried. STDs are never transmitted through clothing. Even when wet with sexual fluids, the fibers in cloth block passage of bacteria and viruses; and even if a few leak through, getting them on intact skin (fingers, hands, genital skin, etc) is not a risk for infection. No STDs are transmitted through the nipples or elsewhere on genital skin, and are not transmitted from an infected person's hands or fingers.

So there is no risk at all. You do not need testing on account of this exposure, and you can safely have sex with your wife without risking transmission of any STD.

Happy new year, and best wishes for a joyful wedding and a loving, successful marriage!