34 months ago

Dear Doctor hunter or Dr Edward,

Hope you are doing well, Firstly I’d like to say thank you for your all efforts towards stds where you are providing complete risk analysis.

I am straight male , married with two young toddlers and infant.

In Janruary , I had exposure of kissing and handjob by lady who work in Bahrain , kissing was done while we both were having the sore throat. I went for complete std testing in February after 28 days and came negative but herpes simplex 1 igg was high where doctor said its common. Not sure about hiv test generation but it was ab and ag and laboratory person said 3rd generation.

However I went for rapid hiv test after 12 weeks in april and came back negative.

I made stupid mistake again 2 days ago where I went to barber shop where he gave me massage for 1 hr – while massage he gave handjob and fingering in my anus – not sure it was deep since I didn’t felt any penetration pain or something but he was teasing since it was complete body massage including groin area etc.

I checked his hands but couldn’t find any blood or anything – I am worried about others stds also? if ive got any hepa , or etc ? Thinking dirty towels if he has used any.

Its small saloon and massage center. Therapist is gay filpino.

I am in extreme anxiety – and afraid to move on with my life – I am not going near to my wife and my children.

Let me know if I need to go for testing.

Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
34 months ago
Welcome to our Forum.  Thanks for your thanks.  We hope that our comments are helpful to clients and to others who read our interactions with clients.  I'll be glad to comment.  Your risk for any STI from the events that you describe is virtually zero.  Kissing receipt of massage, and participation in masturbation (including his insertion of his finger into your rectum) are all no risk activities.  There are no proven cases in which HIV has ever been transmitted through these activities.  The same is true for hepatitis. Accordingly, HIV or hepatitis testing related to such activities is also not recommended.  I would not worry about the activities that you have described at all.

I hope that my comments will be helpful to you in addressing your anxiety.  EWH
34 months ago

Dear Doctor Edward

Many thanks for your reply and making my anxiety down for now.

Can I move on and continue sexual life with my wife as normal , A part of my children  can I hug them and kiss them , there is no risk for any std like herpes simplex igg 1 – though I don’t have outbreak but I still remember in school life I had may be (not sure ).

Please excuse my anxiety to ask you some what if scenarios , Massage therapist was fully cloth under hi saloon uniform but he closed AC due to massage in normal room temperature , while massage he was getting sweat but he was keep cleaning his face and head with tissue paper. If sweat touch my body or private genitals – is there any risk ? please advise on other STDS risk also.

Worst case scenario

I am not sure while taking the massage I was on inverse position and he was using his hands for all body massage and mostly machine – if he masturbated himself or used contaminated fluids for massage or fingering/ handjob ? when I ejaculated he cleaned with tissue paper and towel – if towel had previous customer contaminated fluids – is there any risk ?

Apart of this – before massage – I was in saloon for 30 minutes beard trim with him and then he asked me to move for massage – I am sure that time there was no customer who he provide massage other than me.

I humbly request you to please keep my question open for next 1 month for next follow up if needed after that you can close it.

I know you and dr hunter both agreed on advices - will he advise the same on that also ?

Internet has much contradictions statement with regards to my exposure which drive me crazy.

Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
34 months ago
Over half of adults have HSV-1 and this has most often been acquired in childhood. Most persons with HSV-1 do not get cold sores.   I doubt that you acquired it from the interactions you described.  I see no reason to not move forward with your interactions with your wife and children as before. 

In answer to your other questions (which, I agree, do show your anxiety)
No STIs are transmitted in sweat!

Even if he masturbated himself and some of his secretions were transferred to you, still no risk. Mutual masturbation in which persons clearly get each others' genital secretions on one another is a no risk event.

Dr. Handsfield would certainly agree with my assessment and advice.

My advice is to stay away from the internet.  All too much of what is said there is incorrect- being either taken out of context, being out of date, or just being wrong. 

The thread can remain open for up to a month after my last response.  EWH
34 months ago
Many thanks doctor , you cant imagine how stress free i am feeling.
Ill be going to hug my children and continue my life as normal with my wife.
I'll never ever repeat such type of mistakes in my life. I am feeling extreme guilt for that.
Hoping to live healthy life with my family
thanks for keeping my question open for 1 month.


Anonymous fan from Bahrain :)  
33 months ago

Dear Doctor,

Hope you are doing well and sorry to bother you again for no risk situation but things are bit complicated with me perhaps due to anxiety.

I am keep assuming many things in my mind for no reason since my first exposure as mentioned above , I have tingling , crawling , needle prick sensation in my body , sometime in the mid of April it was started but it was gone in June.

But again after massage exposure as I mentioned above its started again, I’ve itching near my anus , scrotum , penis and groin area.

Tingling and needle prick at penis but while peeing I don’t have pain or anything, at my whole body I’ve needle pricks , itching and I like to scratch most of the time.

Groin area I have rash and itching , I’ve put some petroleum jelly and removed my hairs and put some aftershave which give some relief , I feel may be its because of anxiety I am feeling many things more closely but my mind its hard to accept that nothing has wrong with me and always feel its something is there ;such type of feeling making me crazy , I usually scratch on my body and find small red pimple which looks similar to other pimple I feel .

I also want to tell you from last 1 week I’ve started body building and middle east has really hot weather may be this could be the itching reason but rash at my groin area like stiches type makes me crazy

I am not sure how stds pimples look like . on my back there are acne pimple which I scratch and white heads come in my hand.

I need to know about my HSV 1 – my daughter usually kiss on my lips and I kiss on her cheek – I don’t want to transmit herpes to her.

Please advise so I can show to my anxiety that its normal and I don’t want this to be over me.

I’m person who doesn’t care about me, The only thing I wants to stay in this world just because of my family and I don’t want them to suffer just because of my stupidity .

I went to same barber again for beard trim and couldn’t find something on his hand and his health was perfectly alright , As expats in Bahrain every saloon guy has the medical yearly if they find anything wrong – they deport right away but we never know may be he got recently since he is filpino gay.

I again apologize for bothering you.


You Fan from Bahrain


Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
33 months ago
I am sorry that you continue to worry for no reason.  When persons are anxious and begin to look for possible symptoms of STI, they often detect normal sensations which are perceived as itching or tingling.  These sensations are typically merely the perception of normal sensations which we typically are not aware of and overlook.  I suspect that is what is going on with you.  Further, shaving and use of Vaseline or other gels is likely to cause rashes because these things lead to clogging of pores and non-STI rashes and sometimes bumps or pimples.  Scratching only makes these things itch more and become more apparent.

Nothing you describe suggests any risk for HSV-1.  I urge you to put your fears and guilt-related anxiety aside and move forward without concern.  Further testing is not necessary and should you pursue it (a waste of time and money in my opinion), I am confident that no new problems will be discovered.

I hope these final comments are helpful to you.  As you know, we permit up to three responses to questions, this is the third.  This thread will be closed without further replies later today.  EWH 
33 months ago
Dear Doctor

I highly appreciate your reply and I fully understand that you’arent here to address my anxiety question and ofcourse i wont waste your time to ask repeated question

Your confidence on me keeps moving forward and  there is always respect for senior professionals who are working towards such deadly diseases

Ill move forward from  here on without hving single doubt on me

I will also request you to keep it open my question for last follow up atleast for next two weeks. If possible ; for any general question comes in otherwise i wont bother you its promise 

Remain your fan
Take care
33 months ago

Dear Doctor,

Many thanks for my request to keep my question open , Its been 31 days or more i think ,  its small question I’ve pimple on pubic area which has slightly puss though I squeeze it and clean it, Although I usually clean my pubic hairs near penis by razor.

Do you think it’s too late to see the symptoms for any stds,  syphillis , etc?  I didn’t see any though

Not sure if I have to worry about ? as per your recommendation didn’t go for any doctor or testing since I don’t have any such symptoms but anxiety and panic disorder.

Apart of this , How you can be so sure when you recommend people that they don’t require any type of testing .

I am sorry to bother you again.


Your fan


Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
33 months ago
The pimple you describe is a great description of folliculitis a non-STI process resulting from plugged hair follicles.  Among the things that increases risk for pubic folliculitis is shaving the area. 

There remains nothing to suggest you have an STI.

The assessments that Dr. Handsfield and I provide on this Forum are the result of over 35 years of STI-focused direct patient care, research over the same period which has led to publication of hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific papers, and regular attendance at scientific meetings and reading of the scientific literature.

The thread is now closed.  EWH