[Question #3922] Hiv fear and fatigue

35 months ago
I had sex exposure with a csw on 4 sept 2016 in india.
After 5 month i started getting weakness and fatigue with few red spots on my right arm(which disappeared after 3to4 days) but still fatigue is continue and It has been appx. 19 months fighting with the fatigue which is so strong that i can not do even my routine work.
I tested for Hiv (antibody test) which came out non ractive in feb 2017 (5 month)and again in may 2017(appx.9 month from the exposure) wih CMIA P24 antibody test conducted by dr. Lal pathology in india which was also nonreactive
Tested for HCV, VDRL,HBV,TYPHOID, also which all were nonreactive.
IN all test of CBC my leukocytes are always on the upper side appx12000 to 14000
At 18 month tested for hiv antibody rapid test and at 19 month tested for hiv CMIA P24 antibody test both were nonreactive.
Current problems are
1) Having Fatigue all the time 
2)leg and muscle pain
3)weakness in legs in waking
4)eye pressure has increased  (dr. Says the doubt of Glucoma
5)eye pain
6)mind fogging
7)No appetite
8)my wife also has got red rashes on her face
9)my wife got scabies
Are thes all may be because of hiv infection
I have seen many Doctors but even after several medication my condition is worsening day by day
Doctor, are my test conclusive or would you suggest other test like PCR or NAT test to confirm the status of hiv in my condition.
I have read on internet that there is a class of people who never get positive through antibody test or may get positive at any time in 10 years.
Are the test done from the private lab in india is reliable enough.

Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
35 months ago
 Welcome to our flooring. Have you been to our forum before? About 14 months ago we had questions From another client who had the username Vivek.  Irrespective,  I urge you to be confident that you did not acquire HIV from your interaction with the commercial sex worker that you have described.    I am sure it is quite frustrating to have felt poorly for as long as you have.  Nonetheless your HIV tests are completely reliable. HIV antibody tests are highly reliable at the time points that you have been tested. If you did not successfully produce antibodies to other organisms you would be much much sicker than you describe.   Be leave your HIV test results. They prove that you do not have HIV. 

 There are some chronic illnesses which can cause the sorts of symptoms that you described. In other instances patients simply have to wait for their disease to provide manifestations which allow it to be diagnosed.  Negative tests of the sort you describe are helpful in proving what you do not have and should be believed.    Because sorting this out may take time, my advice to you is to commit to working with a doctor whom you trust and have confidence in. If you are seeking specialty care I would suggest the appropriate place to go next would be either a hematologist or a rheumatologist.  EWH
35 months ago
Thanks for your quick response.
Yes Doctor, I was that person who asked the question earlier also.
Request you to pl. Solve my mentioned querry
1)Can it be something which i can pass on to my wife also.
2) can there be any little possibility of being infected with hiv ?
3)can my problems be related with anxiety if not hiv?
 4)what may be that cronic illness???

Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
35 months ago
 Thanks for the clarification. The context will help me to better address your questions. I want to your follow-up questions: 

1.   Nothing you have described suggests that you have any illness or medical problem which could be passed on to your wife. Please do not be concerned about that possibility. 
2.   There is not even a tiny possibility that you could have HIV from the exposure that you describe. Your tests prove that you do not have HIV. 
3.   It is difficult for me to assess how much anxiety contributes to your problems. Certainly, anxiety tends to make persons more aware of minor sensations and problems which they might otherwise overlook. Whether that represents all of what is going on here or not is more difficult to say. 
4.   I cannot comment as to what chronic illness might be present. As I said above, if you feel the need for further evaluation I would suggest seeing a hematologist or rheumatologist. 

35 months ago
Thanks for the support sir,
Do i need to go for western blot or pcr test for hiv for full confirmation or this testing is sufficient 
Kindly advice.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
35 months ago
 There is no need for additional testing for HIV of any sort. No need for a western blot, no need for PCR testing, no need for any further testing. Your testing so far has clearly proven that you do not have HIV. 

 This is my third reply to your questions. I hope my replies have been helpful. As per for him guidelines this thread will be closed in a few hours without further replies. Take care.   EWH