[Question #3985] Not anxiety related post... Just an update..

32 months ago
Please do not hate me. I like to give an update...

Update 1:

I did the Real-Time PCR test by rubbing the penis, glans,  scrotum some time ago.

The sensitivity of the test: 70-85%
Specificity of the test: 70-85%

They did a urine test too.

All came back negative for high-risk HPV

Update 2:

I had my foreskin (circumcision) removed for marriage. I never had a circumcision when I was a child. I asked my doctor to do a biopsy for high-risk HPV. The doctor (Urologist) said we always do that whenever tissue is removed. It again came back negative.

Update 3:
I was having sex with my virgin (she never even kissed anyone but me) fiance even before she was vaccinated.  We had unprotected sex many times.  She had her regular checkup recently. It came back negative for HPV. 

Update 4: 
My colon doctor did anal Pap and HPV test. It came back negative. Silver lining: He found a polyp and removed it during Colonoscopy. I am waiting on biopsy results for that.

Update 5: 
My GP did oral HPV test using Quest Diagnostics kit. It came back negative.

Urology Doctor comments:

Moist skin is a hospice for HPV.  Even if you are infected in the scrotum or penis shaft, it usually spreads locally esp foreskin and glans. 

He said your chance of having  HPV (also given your sexual history): very unlikely.

Colon Doctor Comments:

Anal Pap is an accurate test. You do not need to worry about having HPV. Also, you never had receptive anal.  

GP  comments:

Real-time PCR is reliable for a positive result, not a negative result. 

What do you make out of all these?

Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
32 months ago

This post IS anxiety related.  And pathological.  It causes me great sadness to see your return to our Forum.  I will not delete your post (yet) because I hope that the advice I am about to provide you will be helpful and that it will prove useful for other visitors to our Forum.  This is your 5th post over the past month asking questions about long past, very low risk events.  That you are unable to move forward and continue to worry, and to spend money on tests strongly suggests that you have pathological, paranoid guilt over your prior behavior  In my opinion, you need help in moving forward and I suspect that until you get professional mental health help, you will continue to suffer.  I suggest (strongly) that you seek mental health evaluation over your fixation and that you print out the past 5 posts you have made on this Forum to illustrate the problem you are having.  Further posts, and further testing is a waste of time and money.


Because your questions may be helpful to others, I will provide brief comment.  I agree with the GP who told you “Real-time PCR is reliable for a positive result, not a negative result.”  OTOH however,  given the nature of your past exposure and the extensive testing you have (unnecessarily) had, you should have complete confidence that you did not acquire HIV and that you should move forward without further concern. 


I hope these comments are helpful to you, particularly my first paragraph.  There will be few, if any further responses.  EWH

32 months ago
I sent a screenshot of your response to my therapist. She will talk about it this coming week. I am under therapy.   Do you have any further comments on urologist and Colon doctor comments? If you do have, please comment and close this thread. 

My greatest apologies for bothering you both.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
32 months ago
I agree with the colon Doctor, but not the urologist.

This will end this thread. EWH