[Question #4086] Herpes 2 - 3 Doctor said move on, sudden symptom

30 months ago
Hi, Terri, Dr. HHH and Hook,

Let me just briefly tell you again my story,
3 years ago: protected vaginal sex.
2 years ago: received oral sex.
(I am a man)

Then, went testing for all at 1.5 years after last incident. negative all except hsv IgM:
1. HSV 1 IgG and IgM : negative
2. HSV 2 IgG : negative
3. HSV 2 IgM : positive (repeated after borderline by lab).
Never had any symptoms.

Asked a question here and went to an std doctor local (se asia country), Terri and doctor said to ignore this and move on. 

2 weeks after that,
Testes again IgG : 0.08 result negative from 1.1 being positive.
Relieved. Accepted the negative suggestion, moved on. But the anxiety had me scared, thus had the genital focused pain which i think caused by anxiety.

Suddenly, now (1.5 years later) had these pain from groin area from Monday, but checked till tonight there wasnt any blisters or signs. 

Then, tonight I checked my foreskin of penis (i had to pull the skin so hard) to find blister like very small hiding behind foreskin. In that area no pain or anything felt. Panic. 

1. Could this be herpes given my situation? (Very limited sexual contact. Several doctors told me to forget about it.) 
2. Could I be experiencing symptoms the first time since 3 years ago?
3. I try to calm myself thinking this is just a fordyce spots. What is the difference between those 2?
4. What can I do to reaffirm that im negative given done all test.

Very scared. Started a new relationship to throw away previous traumas but very disspointed to go back to square one. Scared if this herpes i cant explain to her and leave me (i’m se asian and muslim so its very sensitive). Pls help asap. Thankyou
30 months ago
To add, the bumps is actually not blister. It is located behind foreskin, have to pull very hard to see bumps. I googled it looked like tysons glands, but only localized to that area.

To add, since posting this (10 hours ago) the bumps have  not changed. 
30 months ago
Just came back from std expert. He said its fordyce/tysons spot not herpes lesion and said no worries. 

Should I move on?
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
30 months ago
Gosh you got all that done and I didn't even have a chance to answer!  I'm so glad that you were able to verify that these bumps were nothing to be worried about.  If something else comes up, I hope you can reassure yourself that you are not infected with herpes.