[Question #4134] Stomach problem

32 months ago

Dear dr Hook ,

I totally forgot to ask you one more question.

In my last question about hiv you said that I didn’t mansion anything that not to believe test results.

Back in May 2013 I had protected sex with CSW , I had 2 night of sweats One day little mussel sore


Elisa 3 rd generation at7 weeks

Elisa 3rd after 12 month

Rapid in ny hospital at 24 month

Rapid ny hospital 24 month 2 weeks

(3 generation,blood from finger)

Rapid 4 Th generation blood from finger at 3 YEARS .

For 5 years I have stomach problem. Need to go to the bathroom as soon I woke up, After breakfast  2 times.

Mostly it’s not diarrhea,but soft.

If I need to go to the bathroom,I need NOW .

In the evening I feel good.

All my test is antibody,

I didn’t do pct dna rna like other people. Do I need more test?

What with my stomach?

You said all tests 100% reliable.

Can I have unprotected sex with my wife, 5 years we have protested sex only.

Please let me know,

Thank you


H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
32 months ago
As you know, users do not select the moderator who responds to questions, and I'm handling this one.

This is your 7th question on the forum and the third since you a) promised it was your last and b) were warned about repeated anxiety driven questions. Although the wording of each of your questions has been different, the questions are the same as those that have been answered repeatedly. The answers have been given or are easily predicted based on the advice you had had previously.

It doesn't matter what symptoms you have; the HIV tests ALWAYS overrule all symptoms. And HIV doesn't cause "stomach problems".

"You said all tests 100% reliable."  CORRECT

"Can I have unprotected sex with my wife?" YES  "5 years we have had protected sex only":  THAT WAS UNNECESSARY EVER SINCE YOUR TEST AT 7 WEEKS.

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