[Question #4147] 42 day 4th generation test is the final analysis 100%

31 months ago
I had 4 unprotected vaginal sex with an HIV girl + her viral load of 85,000! 
5 day PCR RNA (200 copies) (negative)   
10 day PCR RNA (200 copies) (negative)  ab / ag P24 combo negative 
15 day PCR RNA (200 copies) (negative) 
20 day (200 copies) PCR RNA (negative) 
23 days IFA ab/ag p24  (negative) 
23 day PCR DNA (20 copies) (negative) 
30 day IFA ab/ag p24 combo (negative) 
40 day IFA ab/ag p24 combo (negative) 
42 day IFA ab / ag p24 combo (negative) 
Do I need to do another 90 day (3 months) investigation ? 
42 day 4th generation test is the final analysis 100%?
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
31 months ago
Welcome to the Forum.  I understand that concerns and anxiety can be quite high after a known exposure to an HIV infected person and presume that this is the reason for your many tests.  Presuming that you did not take PEP, you can be confident that you did not acquire HIV from the exposure you report on the basis of at least two of your test results- the PCR tests taken day 20 and beyond and on the basis of your 42 day HIV antigen/antibody test.   Thus you have three conclusive test results- your PCR results, your antigen test results, and your antibody test results.  Each is a conclusive test result, taken together you should be entirely confident that you were not infected.  There is no reason for continuing concern and no reason for further testing.  EWH