[Question #4149] Q #4132 - final follow-up

31 months ago

Dr. Handsfield,

Thankyou very much again for your last response to Q #4132, I fully understand your response that HTLV is outside STD doctors’ normal expertise.

Since then I also saw some of your older Medhelp responses on Hep B and Hep C (HBV & HCV), where you said as these were bloodborne they were outside your main expertise, and you did not keep up to date with current literature. These were from a few years ago though.

So I’m just a bit worried now as I had much reassurance from yourself and Dr. Hook’s detailed responses on bloodborne/non-sexual transmission risk for HBV/HCV/HIV in Q #4071 (and Q #4101). Therefore I just wanted to check:

1 - Given yourself and Dr. Hook’s detailed responses to the previous questions #4071 & #4101 - would I be right in assuming that although HBV/HCV are not your/Dr. Hook’s primary focus, I can still rely on yourself & Dr. Hook’s previous responses as expert advice on HBV & HCV transmission/risks? Including non-sexual/bloodborne risks as previously discussed in #4071 & #4101?

2 - Also I would be right in assuming the advice that was given is up-to-date with current medical literature etc?

3 - I’m correct to assume the above applies to bloodborne/non-sexual transmission for HIV/syphillis/HSV 1 & 2/and any other STDs?

Sorry for the follow-up Dr - would please like to confirm, following your last response. Thank you so much again.

31 months ago
So in summary my questions above are asking if I’m right to consider yourself and Dr Hook to be experts to give advice on HBV / HCV / bloodborne etc, given your vast experience and knowledge as epidemiologists and STD doctors?
If you could answer my above questions that would be so helpful Dr.
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
31 months ago
1) Yes
2) Yes
3) Yes

Please stop asking questions (and wasting your money) on issues with obvious answers. Any future questions from you along these lines will be deleted without any reply at all, and without refund of the posting fee.