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31 months ago

I am a male from India 34 years old.

There was only one exposure of protected vaginal sex with the spa girl on 17th july'2018.I know it was a mistake and will never ever happen in my life.

Now regarding the tests please read this carefully, as I seek your valuable feedback.

I tested my self for HIV 4th Generation CMIA/ECLIA from NABL accredited labs on 2nd day/ 10th Day/15th Day/18th day/25 th day/28th day/35th day/42nd day/50th day.

On 43rd day I tested for HSV (IgG and IgM) both came back negative.

On the 50th day I tested for HIV 4th Generation CMIA (Architect Abott) and VDRL/TPHA all came back negative.

Now regarding tests on the spa girl from NABL accredited labs

One set of test on 5th day after the date of protected sex i.e. on 22nd July 2018 for HIV 4th Generation(COMBO ECLIA)/HBSAg/HCV/VDRl all came negative

Another set of tests on her (the spa girl)on 3rd September'2018 on 48th day from date of protected sex with her.

Tested CBC(normal)/HIV 1& 2 Anitibodies 4th generation combo(negative)/VDRL(non reactive)/TPHA(negative).HBSAg(negative),HCV(Negative),HIV 1& 2 Western Blot negative for all bands and final result is negative/HSV IgM positive/Hep A IgG (positive)/Hep A IgM(negative)/Chlamydia Trachomatis IgG(negative)

I didn't take western blot test on me ,because source is clear on 48th day from date of protected sex with her, do you still think I need to test my self.

Now I did all these tests on her just to ensure that she was not in window period where the results didn't shown up to be positive, beacuse being a spa girl they provide alike services to others as well.

Now my question to you:

Question 1)I didn't do any western blot HIV 1&2 test on me, since source(the spa girl) is clear on western blot and other tests do you still thing it is necessary for me to take Western Blot test, as I didn't have any other exposure in between?

Question 2) Is it 100% sure from her western blot report that the spa girl was not on window period when I got physical(protected sex) with her and can I take my status as conclusive?

Question 3) Do I need to retests for any tests any time in future for double confirmation or I am already 100% confirmed?

Question 4) VERY IMPORTANT Also from yesterday I started having runny nose and some feverish like feeling.Do you think it can be HIV symptom for which I should get retested?

oral:99 .1deg F

axillary:98.1 deg F

Question 5) I am really getting into tension.hence request to affirm my HIV status with 100% confidence, am I negative?

I didn’t have any more exposure with anyone.

Please let me know.

Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
31 months ago
It is unfortunate to see that you have returned to the Forum.  I will be replying on this occasion and have read your earlier interactions with Dr. Handsfield.  The additional information you provide does not, in any way change what Dr. Handsfield has already told you- YOU DID NOT GET HIV OR AN STI FROM THE ENCOUNTER WITH THE SPA GIRL YOU DESCRIBE.  You do not need any further testing.  Thus in answer to the questions you ask:
1.  You do not need a Western blot test.  Neither you nor the spa girl have HIV.  N
2.  See above.  your results are conclusive.
3.  There is no need for re-tests of any sort.
4.  Your symptoms are not HIV symptoms.
5.  See above.  Your results are conclusive and there is no need for further testing.

Dr. Handsfield warned you there was no need to repeat your questions, but you did.  This will be the only reply to this thread.  All of your questions have been answered thoroughly- YOU DID NOT GET HIV FROM THE EXPOSURE YOU DESCRIBE AND THERE IS NO EED FOR FURTHER TESTING.  This thread will now be closed and there will be no further answers to future repetitive questions.  EWH

31 months ago
Applogies Sir, believe me I promise this is my last question to you,I know my nature of exposure was protected,only to be sure even by any mistake if I did something wrong with condom while opening it after act or while in act so in that case it becomes an exposure do in those cases also my result is conclusive?Rather to say in case of a potential exposure also is my result conclusive that I do not have HIV?I am telling about the same exposure only nothing after that.
Believe me sir I am finding no way to get out of this tension.Kindly assist for the last time through your valuable comments and feel free to close the thread after your answer.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
31 months ago
Results are conclusive!  EWH