[Question #4325] Delayed seroconversion - testing at 22 weeks . AFTER test a cold sore appeared

30 months ago
Dear Doctor 
Iv had an absolutely terrible week 21 and i dont know what to do. I had an unprotected  anal exposure with someone confirmed to be HIV positive 
Iv had a very very sore throat the whole week, extreme body aches, low fever ( upto 99.5) and a mouth ulcer which started last week and healed over the week. YESTERDAY WAS THE 154th day and i got another4th Generation  HIV TEST DONE AND IT WAS NEGATIVE  . 

 MY LATEST SYMPTOM IS A COLD SORE ON MY LOWER LIP WHICH I JUST saw today 24 hours after my latest test  . Iv had herpes before but all of this happening now maybe a case of delayed seroconversion 

1. I had an HIV test on monday when the sore throat began and one on friday(yesterday)  as well when it was at its peak. On 22 weeks, would it rule out that these symptoms are not caused by HIV ?
2. Iv had 15 tests till now since the individual told me of the HIV 2 positive test that the individual recieved . Last one was yesterday at 22 weeks . I have a new symptom - The cold sore on my lower lip . Do i need another HIV test because of this 
3. Are there any cases of people testing repeatedly negative till week 22 on 3rd/4th gen tests but then testing positive later ? I know there are cases of delayed seroconversion due to steroids, immunosuppression etc etc . I had used cortizone for a week during the last 22 weeks . 
4. My wife already knows this as we have an open relationship but im scared i will infect her . When is it safe to have unprotected sex with her . I dont want to infect her . I will never again have sex with anyone except my wife . we have both decided to be monogamous after this extremely traumatic 5+ months 
5. What advise can you give me in regards to my condition with HIV ? 
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
30 months ago
I'm sorry that you continue to worry about the exposure that we have interacted on before.  I am also sorry that you have had a flu-like illness and that your recurrent herpes infection has recurred.  None of this however changes the replies that I have provided you earlier and repeating the questions does not change answers although I would suggest that your continued accumulation of negative tests should have allowed you to move on from your concerns some time ago.   As I indicated to you in past replies, fewer than 1% of unprotected exposures to sex partners with HIV (1 or 2) result in infection.  Your tests have proved that you were not infected.  When tests and symptoms do not agree, the tests should be believed.  You need to move on.  As your questions on this occasion my replies will be brief:

1.  When symptoms are present as part of HIV seroconversion tests are positive.  Believe your test results.
2.  As I've already told you, your test prove you did not get HIV-2.  You need to believe the tests.
3.  No.  You are asking about the idea of delayed seroconversion.  This is an internet based myth.
4.  You do not have HIV from your exposure nearly six months ago.  It is safe to have unprotected intercourse.
6.  My advise is to believe your test results.  I have said this before and that has not been helpful.  At this time, my suggestion would be to work on a face-to-face basis with a professional counselor who can help you to believe your test results.