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31 months ago
Hi Doctors,

I have used this service in the past about two years back and asked a question #863. However I did not remember the username or other details and so had to create another one.

My concerns have still  been over activities as described in question 863.

I know the answer provided earlier says that the strip Club activities were not  risky behaviors with respect to HIV. Does this still hold true? I have not been going to strip clubs for sometime  but I have never been able to get away the fear of HIV from me. I want to turn a corner but the health situation of me and my family makes me convinced that I am not lucky even though my activities were:

 lap dances with me clothed with pants/shorts and underwear on. Girl was naked or topless with underwear/thong on and me ejaculate in my pants. Girl would grind on my penis through my clothes with me possibly ejaculating inside. 

Is it really the case that with these activities only that I did not put myself at risk? I used to go strip clubs thinking that getting lap dances was not a risk at all and  I never had an intention (nor have I  done)  to have  intercourse at these clubs . I would occasionally get excited and maybe touch a vagina from outside but never deep inside or kiss on lips with my mouth closed or suck on nipples. Never anything else as I had the fear of HIV since 2000. 

I have never been tested.  But my health condition and that of my family makes me think I caught something.

Some of our symptoms are:

1) excessive flatulence and gas
2) weakened gums like periodontitis 
3) weight disproportionately accumulated 
4) frequent colds

Can an undiagnosed HIV cause these symptoms not just in me but my family as well? 

I am afraid no one will trust me that I only had lap dances and have not met anyone outside these clubs. I never drank alcohol for me to do something that I did not remember about.

Please help answer me.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
31 months ago
Welcome back to the Forum. Unfortunately, I cannot access your previous e-mail .  Nonetheless, I can sure you that our assessment regarding strip club exposures of the sort are NO risk events for acquisition of HIV and other STIs.  HIV and other STIs are sexually transmitted only through unprotected sexual exposure and are not transmitted through clothing (even thin clothing which is wet with genital secretions), not through touching, and not through rubbing.  "Grinding" without penetration does not transmit HIV or other STIs. Thus, in answer to your questions, none of the following problems is related to HIV: 1) excessive flatulence and gas; 2) weakened gums like periodontitis : 3) weight disproportionately accumulated ; or 4) frequent colds.

There is no medical need for testing related to the exposures you describe above.  Your family is at risk.

I hope these statements are helpful to you.  There is no reason for concern.  EWH

31 months ago
You said Your family is at risk, what do you mean by that Dr. Hook? Thanks for your response 
31 months ago
Also Dr Hook,  I did not get a chance to finish my first follow up properly. Thanks again for your reply.

Your words are the only hope I can cling on to that the strip club lap dance activities are no risk.  I have lost all hope literally in life.

Was it a right assumption to go to a strip club without worry since I knew I was going to be clothed regardless of the dancers clothes? 

When being grinded there should be no way that penetration would happen through clothes right? 

Can you please share what would be the progression of an undiagnosed HIV and what sort of symptoms might be noticed?

Thanks in advance 

Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
31 months ago
I apologize, I was typing quickly and left out the word NOT.  I meant to type "Your family is not at risk."  I apologize if my haste led to confusion.

With regard to your other repetitive question, my answer is unchanged.  going to a strip club where grinding without penetration goes on is a no risk event with no risk for any sort of STI.  Penetration does not occur with clothes on.  There is no reason for concern.

The symptoms of HIV are non-specific and to describe the general symptoms of HIV and their progression is beyond the scope of this Forum.  Many HIV infections occur without symptoms.  If you are worried about HIV, you should have a test although nothing that you have described suggests any risk for HIV.  EWH