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30 months ago
Hi Doctor,
This time I am here for a real reason. My regular partner has a rash on her chest and it has been three days. It was initially little 'bumpy' and now I can feel that it is flattening out. There are also 3-4 extra red bumpy pimples around her armpits with no clear liquid in them.

She went to the doctor and she was told that it could be a spider bite, or Shingles (my partner didn't have any fever and pain at the site though).

Around, Aug 17 (and I asked question #4168), I made a mistake and exchanged 4-5 kisses (NO tongue involved) with a lady, and after three weeks of that incident I developed 2 ulcers on my tongue (on the side) and if my memory serves me right I had a bump on my tongue before it became an Ulcer.  Afterwards, I also developed 3-4 small tiny ulcers on the bottom of my tongue which I know for fact did not start with bumps. (Please keep in mind that I do have history of getting Ulcers).  During that period I also started drinking Scotch which I never had done in my life before, and I thought those ulcers were just an allergic reaction to it.

1) Anyhow, during that time I also had a protected intercourse with my partner and I may have kissed her around the chest area. Is it possible that I had oral herpes and I transmitted it to her chest?

2) Doctor has prescribed her an ointment, will it be fair to assume that it is not herpes if the rash disappears in few days after the ointment has been applied?

3) Could there be any other STD that can cause these symptoms? I have been tested for all major ones - Syphilis, HIV, NGU, Clam, Gonorrhea and all negative.

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
30 months ago
Your mind continues to work overtime in worrying about STDs in absence of risk. Since there is no chance you have acquired an STD recently, based on all that has been discussed in your several threads, there is no chance you transmitted an STD to your partner. You cannot go through life worrying that every day-to-day, garden variety human affliction might be an STD, especially when you haven't been at risk. And as you have heard from both me and Dr. Hook, kissing is risk free for STDs.

1) A rash like your partner's is definitely not herpes. Even shingles sounds very unlikely, although her doctor is in a better position to judge that possibility.

2) Herpes will not clear up with any existing ointment.

3) No other STD is a likely cause of such a rash and it is not possible your partner has any STD acquired from you.