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30 months ago
Dear Doctor, 

Thanks for your help on numerous post you answered on Medhelp. I have gone through some and they reassured me.
Recently, last Saturday i went for massage with handjob. She applied lot of oil and performed. However, I am seriously scarred after the instance and have below questions.
 On Sunday (Day 2), I observed a cut on my Right inner side of left knee and found that there is a cut which breached my skin and my white skin was visible with some red blood patches.  It was a finger nail cut and looked deep to expose my white skin. 
1. Will this expose my  bloodstream ?
2. Am i at risk of HIV as i cannot trust the masseuse. 
3. I am extremely worried about Cut to cut rubbing which can happen if she had a deep cut. If both of us bleed and rubbed at same place am i at risk?
4. if she would have cut me so hard to expose my bloodstream it would have pained a lot right? i remember her scratching but it was very mild and didnt pain.
5. it was only handjob and no touching her genital except her breasts over bra and my finger touching her nipples. i used same hand to clean my penis. if she was lacteting and my nail had her milk, can i be exposed as i touch my penis tip while cleaning?

Can i go back to my partner and forget about this instance? 
About masseuse - In singapore, lot of ASEAN comes on tourist visa and work at parlours. She said she was from China, Shanyang. 

In the end i inspected her palm and it looked ok in dim light.

Anxious and waiting for your reply.

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
30 months ago
Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question.

You are not at any risk at all of HIV from the events described. First, it is unlikely your partner has HIV. Even if she did, catching HIV by blood contact requires injection of infected blood (e.g. by shared needles) or by getting cut by an HIV infected sharp object. This has rarely if ever happened except in medical personnel while caring for HIV infected patients. Nobody in the world has ever caught HIV from a massage, even when they had active, bleeding cuts. The virus also is not transmitted sexually except by unprotected intercourse, and never by hand-genital contact, fingering, etc. Therefore, none of the events you mention was any risk.

Those comments pretty well cover  our questions, but to be explicit:

1,2) No, not possible.
3) If you didn't see lots of blood, then she had no such cut.
4) And of course if you had been injured in a way to risk HIV, you would have noticed it and would still have a very obvious wound.
5) These kinds of contact do not transmit HIV.

So all is well. No worries and no need for testing. If you have a wife or other regular partner, you can safely continue your usual sexual practices without risk of transmitting HIV or any other STD.

I hope these comments are helpful. Let me know if anything isn't clear.

30 months ago
Hello Doctor,
Thank you so much for assessing my risk. It has relived me from lot of anxiety and fear.

So for sure the cut to cut contact i had will not pose any risk? Just for reassuring myself. 
 I remember now that it might be a day or 2 old cut due to rigourous scratching due to some insect bite. Day or 2 older bite should have created an intact skin barrier to close all access to bloodstream right? 

Also the handjob is completely safe right? I have read almost numerous post about it, all mentioned 0 risk and not a single  positive case found on web. So is it that NO ONE ever got hiv from handjob and it is completely safe even if there are cuts and blood? 
Its almost 11 days post exposure and thankfully i dont have any syptoms apart from very mild burning sensation in my penis which is on and off.  Is it a cause of concern? Or it is due to constant worry and anxiety? I checked my area and looks clear, nothing odd.
I have to travel back to my spouse and i want to be sure i dont pass on if i have anything. Will protected sex pose any risk to my partner? 
Thank you so much dr. HHH, you are amazing person. I wish HIV will be irradicated soon.

Take care doctor and sorry if i am posting something repetitive but it will calm me down and i can plan the awaited to confidence.
Never again to these massages and hanky panky it was my first and last. I have never touched any other women apart from my wife except this massage episode..

30 months ago
Apologies doctor but today i see my mouth has some sores like the top is yellowing red.. i am scared can you please confirm if it is a symptom.
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
30 months ago
Nobody can say that "cut to cut contact" cannot transmit HIV. But it has never been known to occur. Do you really think you might be the world's first case? After all the billions of massage events that have occurred with HIV infected partners? Get real! And yes it is also true that nobody has ever been known to catch HIV by hand job.

There are plenty of minor viral infections, allergies, food irritation, and other possible causes of sores on or around the mouth. Conceivably it is herpes, but only if your mouth was directly exposed (e.g. kissing, or if you performed oral sex on her). Otherwise, they're just a coincidence, i.e. not related in any way to the massage events.

Thanks for the kind words. I hope these additional comments resolve your worries.
30 months ago
Hello doctor,

Regarding the cut 
1. I never knew it existed, it never pained while massage
2. I saw it next day when it was little red and my white skin layer was visible. 
3. It might be day or 2 old (possibly)
4. I never felt i was injured while massaging. 
5. It healed completely on its own within 5 days since i last saw it on sunday. 
Can such cuts be considered as having no potential of infection?

Regarding the handjob-
1. No kissing hugging or touching her genitals. Simple handjob for 2 min. 
2. Dont feel any pain while urinating
3. Feel mild discomfort when erected. Have lost erection but it may he coz of anxiety.

I went to clinic on day 16 here in singapore and doctor said same NO RISK - NO Cases ever. 
I asked for 4th generation SDBioline HIV combo p24 ab+ag tested . It was rapid and result were within around 10 min. It was negative. Are rapid tests reliable? Day 16 will give accurate result?  Doctor showed me strip and mentioned it is negative. No result provided as test was anonymous. 
He said no further test is required as risk in low or No risk. 
Still for peace of mind if i need further assurance when should i test again ? 

Thanks for the help with everything, you are amazing. 
30 months ago
Also doctor today i observed two white sores/bump on my toungue which are painless. Is it any sympton? Too much infor on internet causing anxiety. I have lost 3-4 kilos in past two weeks. 
Since this will be a last reply from your side. I want to thank you for all help during this difficult time. 
Take care doctor. You are amazing 
30 months ago
Apologies doctor most importantly, if i continue protected sex with my wife will it be completely safe if i have infection? I will abstain as much as i can but in case. 
Apologies again. 
30 months ago
Just one update.. test was finger prick blood test.. SDbioline hiv combo p24 ab+ag.. 
apologies for spamming.. im
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
30 months ago
Your blood test should be slightly reassuring. About half of newly infected people have positive results at 2 weeks. However, you have to wait 4 weeks for about a 98% reliable result and 6 weeks for 100%. But there is no chance you are infected anyway so it really doesn't matter.

All this information does not change my opinions or advice, and it is obvious your doctor agrees with my evaluation. You should continue unprotected sex with your wife without worry. If you remain concerned, I suggest you re-read my replies above with care -- they are meant to be very reassuring!

That concludes the two follow-up comments and replies included with each question and so ends thie thread. I hope the discussion has been helpful.