[Question #4422] New Symptom. Please Help.

30 months ago
Dr, Handsfield, 

If you could have mercy on me and just take one more question please.

I am now in week 5 and have started experiencing a tingling (pins and needles) sensation in both my feet and left hand. Is this also just anxiety related? ( I have scheduled an appointment to see a therapist to deal with my substantial guilt and anxiety but unfortunately that is still a couple of weeks away. I also went to see an actual dermatologist in person last week for a visual exam, and he was confident that the spots and bumps I noticed on my scrotum were not herpes..I'm afraid of googling what this tingling and numbness feeling could be because it will be all over the place, but I have read in some forums that could be a sign of herpes or hep B? I have not slept all night and just got through another crying session.

In your 40 plus year career have you ever come across a case like mine with these symptoms that ever turned out to be anything other than just anxiety?


Now week 5.
Since Day 3 - 
Burning sensation during bowel movement in the anus. 
Sometimes anus feels like it has been wiped too hard.
Burning sensation in penis during and after urinating.
Icy Hot burning on thighs, anus, scrotum, feet but it comes and goes on a daily basis.
No visible sores or lesions on penis this entire time.

Week 5 have started experiencing tingling in both feet and left hand. Left Hand also feels numb like its asleep.

I know I can't attribute every new symptom to an std but the timing is what has me scared. I wish I could get the HSV2 testing done, but I know you said the likely hood of a false positive is high. I know you said I should just resume normal sexual relations with my wife, but I'm just so terrified that I may give something to her. Even though I know the stats are on my side for such a one time exposure. I think i read something like an infected woman having unprotected sex with an uninfected man twice a week for a year is only a 4% risk for herpes?
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
30 months ago
The closing comment in your previous thread:  "No discussion. No more questions from you on this forum, please. Experience shows that continuing to answer such anxiety driven questions only serves to prolong anxiety, not reduce it. We will not play that game. If you continue to be concerned, I would advise you to go back and re-read all the questions and replies you have had on the forum, and concentrate on each response."

Herpes does not cause symptoms like you describe. Herpes lesions may tingle, or tingling may start a couple days before lesions appear (prodrome). But it does not cause symptoms like these. And no, I have never seen a patient with symptoms like yours caused by anything other than anxiety.

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