[Question #443] negative Blood test results

92 months ago
I  separated from my husband of 38 years 9 months ago. He was seeing a woman simultaneous to our last months of marriage while we were still having sex. Six months after separation I had a Herpes IGA test and was negative. The man I have been seeing has also been celibate for about 6 months and had a negative IGA test. We had intercourse once, and my gynecologist diagnosed me with Herpes 3 days later. He did not do a test, his diagnosis was visual. At the time I did not know enough to ask for a naat test, and he did not offer. Is this possible? Also my doctor says that there are no longer labs doing the IGG test. Can you give me the contact info for one?
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
92 months ago
IgA testing is not appropriate for herpes simplex virus - at all.  In fact, I have never even heard of  an IgA test for herpes antibody.  The test of preference is IgG and all major labs, Quest and LabCorp in particular, do it all the time.  You can order this test online through many sources without a clinician order.  I often recommend healthcheckusa.com.  Only IgG never IgM, Ok?  It might be a good idea to get an actual copy of the herpes testing that was done for you six months ago and post it here for me. 
The CDC recommends that laboratory testing always be done to diagnose herpes and that includes a typed swab test from any lesion present.  it might be harder to sort out now if the lesion has healed.  Has it healed?  It is also possible to have HSV 1 genitally - did your new partner give you oral sex?