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28 months ago

To both of you,

Tons of  thanks from this 34 years old male in India who would like to be back to life.You both were right, any further testing post to 6 weeks for Ag/Ab combo test is waste of money and effort.Just for sake of my mind and to put it in ease I have gone for tests like HBSAg/Anti HCV/VDRL/TPHA/HIV (Ag/Ab) combo on 87th day from last exposure and 97th day from last exposure from two different reliable labs here in India and results are shown negative for all tests from both the labs.Still I cannot tame my mind, not sure why, have I entered OCD phase?From last few days I have a dry cough(happens very realry not more than 10 times in 24 hrs), body aches and a sheer tightness around neck both side. This tightness around neck happened to me last year as well around November and then also I tested for HIV Ag/ab combo test and was Negative.Also I tested the latest source(the spa girl) as well on 12th week from the date of my last exposure on tests as HBSAg/HCV/VDRL/TPHA/HIV(combo Ag/ab) and she stand negative in all as wellQuestion this time is a bit different:i) I emphasize on some past exposures as well which happened . (but nothing after the last one which is now 104 days old).

i)I had some past exposures with some spa girls one 2.5 years back(unprotected vaginal sex/oral sex) however managed to test the girl just a day after sex and she was negative for HIV and VDRL(but tested her only once as I didn't had idea of window period then)

ii)had some protected vaginal sex exposures around a year back, but never got a chance to test the source.Question is to point are my previous exposures also conclusive or we need any special tests to prove it?

Can HIV Hide in blood for years?

Can I be among those few individuals who never generate antibodies?(Not sure if this exists at al' or only wrong info in  Internet)

Yes I do suffer from cough and cold quite a few times in a year but this is nothing new, way from my child hood almost, not sure if I have less immunity which might cause the antibodies to be not generated.

Short and crisp is my test results are definite and conclusive for some exposures a year to 2.5 years back along with the latest one which is 104 days back and I tested negative for all over mentioned tests on 97th day from last exposures?

Anything to worry for this new tightness of neck and dry cough with small amount cough, issue is I try to relate everything to HIV and now I am more tensed for my past exposures as well rather than the latest one.

All I need is your blessings and and scientific assurance, beacuse some doctor say wait for antibodies non generation is quite rare some say not exists some say with for another 3 months and some say to wait for years and some to Western Blot and get confirm and some say to do PCR test.I have never done PCR and Western Blot on self only 4th generation tests.Do you think I need to tae Western Blot or PCR tests as well?

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
28 months ago
All of these questions are directly answered, or the answers are obvious through simple logic, in the replies in your three previous messages. HIV test results overrule all other condierations. No matter how high the risk might have seemed at the time, and no matter what symptoms you have, have had, or might have in the future, your test reuslts prove you do not have HIV. There will be no further discussion. If you ever post a new question about this exposure, symptoms, and testing, it will be deleted without even this much reply and without refund of the posting fee. As before, I recommend you seek professional counseling. It is deifnitely not normal to remain so compulsively concerned and fearful after the reasoned, science based reassurance you have had repeatedly.

Good bye.