[Question #4524] Question 4475 - Back again re cut and vaginal secretions.

27 months ago
Thanks for previous help. I wasnt anxious given your assessment but still symptomatic & now worrying. Currently mild numbness in hands/feet & transient fatigue in arms/legs for 10 days. My Dr is stumped. General labs normal.

Finger cut by thick metal foil, bled, stop by plaster, deep cut/flesh seen. Left a small scar
18hrs later. Thailnd. Masturbate +/-finger Thai CSW with uncovered cut finger. She offer sex, ?high hiv risk-I refuse. She gave HJ with wet hands. Not see blood but was dark.
Days 5*/10**- handjob from lady*/Ladyboy**
Day 9-11- on/off mild nausea/epig ache
Day 12-18- worse on/off nausea/epig ache, pains muscles>joints, mild sore throat & painful ?small neck glands. Felt hot/Unwell. Neary went hospital
Day 19-23- tingling/weak feeling both legs, felt hot-dont think fever, nausea again. Still mild neck ache
Day 24- transient feeling unwell/nausea/tingling distal limbs. Lost 2kg
Day 25-35-numb/odd sensation hands/feet & transient worrying fatigue/lethargy in arms/legs. Wake up jittery but not anxious!
No cough/cold/rash/D&V. Dont think fever
Ongoing symptoms left me afraid. Am i having 1) peripheral neuropathy of ARS, 2) can you get post ARS viral fatigue? 

I read:
*Jennifer Sempala, Viral Immunology, Vaccine & HIV Researcher, (1998-present) adamant can get HIV from cut finger/hangnail
*1 man states improbable but got HIV from hangnail
*Lawrence Altman in 1993-rare transmission between children via a cut
*2018 rare father>son transmission from blister reported
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
27 months ago
I'm sorry that you have felt the need to return to this site.  Dr. Handsfield and I have each assured you that the events you have described did not put you at risk for HIV, as has other information from reputable sources such as thebody.com .  Repeating your description will not change our assessment.  In your last interaction with Dr. Handsfield he recommended an HIV test to help you put your concerns about HIV to rest - that is still a worthwhile thing to do.  High quality HIV testing is available worldwide and you should be able to access testing no matter where you are.

I would add that the sorts of tingling you describe is quite rare with recently acquired HIV, if it occurs at all and fatigue is a totally non-specific finding with many causes.

I hope that my re-assurance is helpful to you.  We have little more to offer you on this site.  We are not denying your symptoms, just telling you that they are not due to HIV acquired from the interactions you have described in each of your posts.  Whether they are related to some other illness you may have acquired is beyond the scope of this site and should be addressed by your own doctor, not through repetitive questions to this site.   I must also point out that we reserve the right to close repetitive, anxiety -driven questions with little or no reply.  There is no value to our repeating ourselves and no value to other readers to see such exchanges.  I hope this re-affirmation of our prior assurances will be helpful to you.  EWH
27 months ago
Thank you for you reply. I apologize if you felt I was now posting unnecessarily, it wasn’t my intention to waste anybody’s time. I’m just afraid. This will be my last post and I would appreciate your attention and advice one final time.

Day 41 and all symptoms settled except for annoying/worrying tingling, burning, numbness and occasional pain in fingers and toes. B12, Vitamins and Glucose tests are normal.

My worry is all the symptoms I experienced (see original post) CAN be in ARS but I didn’t have ANY symptoms that are not in ARS ☹️

As I mentioned before the earliest HIV testing service available to me is a few months down the line.

Given my initial concern - vaginal secretions in/on an 18 hour old deep cut that is no longer bleeding, - do you still think this is not a risk for HIV and my symptoms and their timing is a coincidence.

Relations with my partner are becoming strained as she says I’m being distant since my return from holiday. Would continuing sexual relations without a condom be okay if my only concern is HIV.

Many thanks

Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
27 months ago
My opinion and advice have not changed and I have no concern that your tingling is due to HIV acquired from the events you described.  

The symptoms of the ARS are generalized and non-specific.  When an AT RISK person (as we've said before, your exposure did not put you ar risk) experiences such non-specific symptoms, it indicates a need for testing to prove that the symptoms are not due to the ARS.  Because ARS symptoms are due to interactions of antibodies with the HIV virus present at the time of symptoms, HIV tests are virtually always positive within a day or two of the symptom onset.  Because the symptoms are nonspecific however, high quality scientific studies have found that less than 1% of at risk persons with symptoms have HIV.  The rest have other problems which go away without even being identified.   Thus, if you are worried despite our advice, get tested and believe the negative results you will get.  Alternatively, just move forward without concern as we have suggested.

Either way, there is no reason to abstain from sex with your regular partner because of the events you have described.  EWH
26 months ago
Thank you for your reply - only just read it.
I fully understand your answer and appreciate your advice. I will make the most of my last entitles post.

My main worry is the burning and pain in both feet and hands. It has been 20 days and started as tingling.

All tests are normal and whenever I look for causes HIV shows up.  I keep thinking what is the chance of some of the symptoms of ARS at the same time as peripheral neuropathy 2-6 weeks after my perceived exposure.

Since I’m only left with neuropathy symptoms, if they were ARS related - should they go away with other symptoms a week or so ago or can they take longer to go or even be permanent.

Logic tells me my risk was negligible as I did not finger just rubbed vagina and clotoris although it was wet. Then my symptoms are bothersome and I worry about HIV in the lotion she used on me - but then I calm down again. 

I’m really afraid and can’t even deal with neuropathy symptoms as my Dr would do a HIV test which I can’t risk yet. I’m planning doing it at 12 weeks so another 6 weeks and will have to travel abroad to do it. 

Worry that Il be the first documented case!  If only I had not and did not have symptoms, or even a cough or cold so I could blame another minor ailment.

As it stands I’ve had a non specific viral type illness that was severe, left me fatigued for a few weeks and now I’ve got peripheral neuropathy. But I can’t have the known viruses that cause it so again I worry about HIV.

Please make your final words reassuring 
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
26 months ago
Your insistence on continued concerns about HIV is perplexing and not ding you any good.  Let me summarize the situation.  Your exposure did not put you at risk.  Yet you find HIV mentioned as a possible cause of neuropathy and cannot let it go and will not get tested (I know of NO country on earth where HIV tests are not available).  You have been told HIV is but one of many, many potential causes of the symptoms that you focus on and that when neuropathy occurs in HIV it almost always occurs late, not early in the course of the infection but despite reassurances from multiple highly respected sites you continue to grasp to some vague entry on a list of possible causes of neuropathy found on the internet.  Despite our reassurances on the forum you continue to ask ill-founded "what if" questions and do nothing to put the matter to risk.  This is not healthy behavior and I will not continue to encourage or support it.  

Ass above about HIV-related neuropathy.  I have never seen a case in early HIV among the thousands of persons with HIV I've cared for.  The symptoms of the ARS all resolve soon after they occur.

Its now been six weeks.  Instead of continuing to worry yourself abut HIV, I strongly recommend testing.  

This is my final response. The thread will be closed shortly.  Should you come back with repeated questions and without test results, I will not answer the questions. To do so with reasoned, science based answers has non no good and may be feeding your unwarranted concerns. EWH