[Question #455] Secretions on opened rash?

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101 months ago
Thanks for taking the time to look at my question, its been bothering me for awhile!
2 weeks ago I had an encounter with a girl, it was a huge mistake. I ended up sticking my hands inside the back of her pants and rubbing and massaging her butt for 5 minutes. I went nowhere near her crack, but i got a good amount of anal secretions on my fingertips, i could definitely feel the moisture.
The part that scares me is that I had open rashes on my forearms, and could have possibly touched them with the secretions on my hands.
Some of the rashes were open and pink inside. One in particular was RIGHT ON TOP of my forearm vein, which was also pink and raw.
12 hours after the exposure, a hive appeared on the back of my hand, and a rash broke out on my neck soon after.
I didnt think much of it, until 2 days later I felt very ill, and havent recovered since. I am incredibly fatigued and tire easily. A large sore appeared on my tongue, which the hospital said was a sign of viral infection. My appetite is gone ,my headache wont go away and my throat just became sore 3 days ago. No fever though.
These symptoms are scaring me, was I at risk of HIV exposure and need testing? Is it okay to continue having unprotected intercourse with my wife?
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Edward W. Hook M.D.
101 months ago

Welcome to our Forum.  I'm pleased to comment.  Acquisition of STIs through the sort of touching you describe is virtually unheard of.  While I understand that the fact that you has a rash and open areas of irritation on your forearms could be conceived of as increasing your risk through contact with her secretions, there are no instances in which STIs,, including HIV have been transmitted in this way.  similarly, the proximity of the open areas to the vein on your forearm is of no consequence either.  I see no medical reason for concern and no medical reason for STI testing of any sort.  It is far more likely that your current concerns and symptoms are due to a combination of anxiety and the emotional energy that you have expended worrying about this, perhaps along with one of the community acquired, non-STI viral infections that most people tend to come down with most times.

In addition to my summary comments here are a few background facts which may place your situation in context and be helpful:

1.  Most people do not have STIs of any sort.

2.  Even with unprotected sexual contact, the frequency of transmission for even the most easily transmitted infections (gonorrhea and chlamydia) are transmitted no more than 20-30% of the time per each contact.

3.  STIs are not transmitted through hand-to-genital transfer of genital secretions.  It just does not happen. this is for several reason, them most important of which is that the organisms which cause STIs are VERY fragile and die almost immediately with contact to the air..

I hope my comments are helpful.  Please try not to worry.  EWH