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28 months ago

I was in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and on the 18thof November and had sex with a CSW three times. All times were protected vaginal sex. She gave me unprotected oral sex twice for a combined total of 3 minutes maybe. She had some very minor bleeding during one of the times and she said it was normal for her. She said, she only has one or two clients a week. She says she gets tested every two weeks. I saw no visible sores anywhere on her.


On 21stof November, I had sex with another CSW. We did not kiss or have oral sex. We had vaginal protected sex. Later that evening, I had sex with another CSW. We did not kiss and we had protected vaginal and anal sex. She also gave me protected oral sex. Her tongue did touch my balls briefly twice during the protected oral.  She told me she gets tested every 2 months because she doesn’t have many clients. 

22ndof November – Intermittent heating of the genitals region

22ndof November – Noticed an extra bump on the underside of my penis. Already had one bump, that has never gone away. The new bump has no pain, no irritation, no itching. It has been a week and nothing has changed. It is still there.

23rdof November – very minor sore throat, also Intermittent. This could be attributed to traveling and the rainy weather. 

26thof November – went to STD clinic. She inspected the bumps and was a little concerned about it until I told her, how long it has been there and that there is no irritation or pain. She decided to only test for the basics. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, etc. The bumps sort of resemble pimples.

27thof November – I noticed a bump on my butt cheek. I accidentally popped it. I put peroxide on it and put a band aide on it. 

I have had heating of the feet and legs as well. But I heard that this could be attributed to anxiety. I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and this could be a physical symptom of my anxiety.


Are any of these symptoms something to worry about? Do you feel that I am at risk for Herpes, HIV or HPV ?

Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
28 months ago
Welcome to the Forum.  I'll be glad to comment, starting with my congratulations to you for your commitment to safe, condom protected sex.  Condoms remain the most effective way of preventing acquisition of STI if your partner happens to be infected.  Most people (including commercial sex worker) however do not have STIs and even with unprotected sex, most exposures do not lead to infection.  Thus your risk for any STI is close to zero and not something to worry about.

The symptoms you describe are, in general, non-specific and not something I would worry about.  The "bump" you describe on the underside of your penis (near the base I presume)is most likely to be a benign cyst or possible folliculitis, neither of which is an STI.  If the lesion is folliculitis, it will go away on its own- soap and gentle washing with a wash cloth may help to accelerate this.  If it is a cyst, it may persist as your other nearby lesion has and if it does, that is not cause for concern unless it enlarges substantially or becomes tender.  The spot on your rear end sounds like folliculitis as well.

I anticipate the tests performed in the STD Clinic will be negative.  Nothing you have described in your detailed description (thank you )is cause for concern.  I hope my comments will be helpful.  EWH