[Question #4643] Second Opinion

28 months ago
Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my question. I have already rec'd an answer from Dr Cook but had more questions after I reached my follow up limit. Im concerned now with Herpes and didn't know I could categorize my question to just herpes. I'm also now majorly concerned with lesion born STI's. Also a second opinion would be nice and if Dr Cook is reading this, it's not that I dont trust your answer, I do, I'm just thorough and now nervous. 
Yesterday I went to an Asian massage parlor where I usually receive a handjob. However, yesterday while I was naked and erect, the masseuse sat on top of me naked and her bare vagina touched my penis shaft. Bazically what happened was my penis was hard and facing my belly button, she proceeded to jump on top of me and put her bare vagina against my penis. Light pressure maybe about 2-3 seconds long. I lifted her off almost immediately. 
My questions are as follows:
What's the likelyhood that if she did have a lesion born disease, that it could be passed in this manner?
When would I be in the clear from distress if I have not seen symptoms (meaning if after 1 week no herpes, I'm all clear)
How long would I have to wait to test for herpes?
Is there even a blood test for herpes and or syphilis?
I do suffer from OCD and anxiety and I do realize most likely those issues will hinder my minds ability to not worry however l, you offer a support system unlike any other and your help is greatly appreciated. 
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
28 months ago
So technically, this is probably an anxiety driven question and we would usually not answer for that reason.  But I will give a brief answer and will let that be the end of it, Ok?
No, your situation does not present any real risk at all for acquiring herpes.  To give some perspective to your worry, a man can have intercourse 102 times in a year with no condom with a woman who had herpes and only about four men out of 100 would get herpes .  Now compare that to your situation with no penetration at all, you have no idea about her status, and your contact was 2-3 seconds.  I'm probably more likely to recommend herpes testing than others and even I do not think there is any need whatsoever for herpes testing here and I would most certainly not recommend that you do it.

This is going to be the only post I am going to respond to, given your previous questions with Dr. Hook.

Terri Warren