[Question #466] Help with HSV and HPV symptoms

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100 months ago
One month ago I had a sexual exposure with another man in which I received a hand job, oral and anal stimulation for about 10 minutes before I stopped. I am extremely worried now I have either contracted HSV1 or HPV (Genital Warts). After my exposure I was extremely concerned and had extreme anxiety about catching an STD that I would worry and check for symptoms daily up until this point. 

At about 4/5 days after exposure I had burning on the inside of my thigh and a rash with small little dots, which was diagnosed from my doctor as a fungal Infection, however it is still coming back after treatment which is leaving me very concerned. I also had other symptoms such as itchiness and low back pain/tingling/burning. However I had no fever or visible sores except for one cut on my scrotum after 3 weeks that I am assuming was from scratching as it did not have any puss or did not turn into an ulcer at any stage, it just hurt and then healed over in a day or two.

5 days ago now I noticed what looked like a pimple on my scrotum, it was round and not cauliflower like a GW. However after trying to pop it it did not pop and just bled until eventually I ripped it off which obviously was a bad idea (I am concerned that this could be HSV or HPV now). I have also found about 3 tiny little raised spots that look like dots under the head of my penis (under my foreskin) that I am extremely concerned are going to grow into warts.

My question is, what type or risk do I have from this type of exposure and is it likely that these symptoms are related to HSV or HPV and should I be concerned about these? or am I just being extremely worried about nothing? 

Thanks you for your time. 

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Edward W. Hook M.D.
100 months ago

Welcome to our Forum. the exposure you describe was very, very low risk and I am concerned that your anxiety will lead you to do yourself harm (for instance, squeezing and tearing at the lesions on your scrotum was a VERY bad idea.  Not only could such manipulation lead to a wound infection but your manipulation will make it difficult, if not impossible for a medical professional to determine what is happening.

There is nothing about the lesions you describe which suggest STIs, including HSV and HPV in any way.  If you were going to develop herpes lesions, this would have occurred a week or two before now.  The location of your original rash was not typical for warts or herpes and there are a large number of "bumps" and cyst-like which are a normal part of the scrotum.  Similarly, the spots you have now noticed on your penis are not warts- your description does not suggest them.  It is far more likely that your hyper-vigilance is causing you to notice things that are normal parts of your anatomy. 

My sincere advice is to put your concerns behind you, to stop repeatedly self-examining yourself (and traumatizing yourself) and move forward.  Had you acquired an STI through this very low risk exposure, it would have manifest itself by now.  I hope these comments are helpful to you. EWH