[Question #4696] what could it be?

26 months ago

I spoke to Dr handsfielf and dr hook anouyva lao dance I received two weeks ago where he lady grinded and I ejaculated and she touched herself and then me- they said there is no way one could get sti from this

 Since then I have had a burning feeling on the tip of my uretha after I urinate and sometimes it just feels a burn when I’m not doing anything- my semen is also coming out warm

 Just wondering what you think it could be? Does it sound like a uti? I have no discharge at al so is this evidence against anything sexual transmitted

I have been trying to up my water in take and better diet hoping it is a uti but just wondering if you could provide me an insight 



H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
26 months ago
You're repeating exactly the same questions. Part of Dr. Hook's reply in your previous thread was "As Dr. Handsfield explained in his earlier reply, we often find that when persons are troubled by anxiety and guilt they tend to focus on normal sensations which would normally be ignored or overlooked.  I suspect that some of this is contributing. " That remains my best guess as to the likely explanation of your symptoms, i.e. anxiety magnifying trivial symptoms or even normal body sensations that otherwise you wouldn't notice or would disregard. I am equally confident it is not a UTI and not likely to be helped by any dietary changes. Whatever the cause, it is not an infection from the exposure on your mind and almost certainly nothing serious or worrisome. You may just have to live with it, but that probably will become easy once you become convinced -- emotionally as well as intellectually -- that no harm will ever come from it, either for you or for your current or future sex partner(s). Of course if you continue to be concerned, see a doctor in person and then follow her advice about further evaluation and/or treatment.

So now you've heard the same thing three times. Asking yet again won't make any difference, and repeated anxiety driven questions are not permitted -- indeed usually are deleted without reply and without refund of the posting fee. So this will have to be your last one.

I do hope the discussions have been helpful and allow you to move on. Thanks for your understanding of the forum rules.