[Question #4706] Red blotches and white goo

27 months ago
I'm a little freaked out right now. I just got over the thought that I could have possibly contracted herpes from very very light genital apposition. (Thanks to you guys)
Today j noticed that when I peel back my foreskin there are red blotches, no open sores or blisters, on the head of my penis and there seems to be white goo it's a bit stringy. It doesn't itch or smell I just peel it away and when it's in a ball it's a tad bit firm. Very hard to describe. 
What does it sound like?
Could it be herpes or a sign of any other STD I'd get from apposition?
What sort of dr would I see for this? Dermatologist or Urologist? 
Does it sound like balantitis or a yeast infection? 
Possibly thrush? 
I'm really really concerned about what it could be 
27 months ago
I mainly see the white stuff on the part of my head where it meets my foreskin. I also have pearly penile papules. 
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
27 months ago
WElcome back to the forum, but I'm sorry you felt it was necessary after the reasoned, science based reassurance you had from Terri a few days ago. I agree with all she said.

This doesn't sound at all like herpes, and "very light genital apposition" is very unlikely to transmit HSV. It also is essentially zero risk for all other STDs. And your dermatologist diagnosed non-STD dermatitits. Also, balanitis also is reasonable (a form of dermatitis) -- either nonspecific or yeast, can't tell the difference on visual exam. (Thrush and yeast are the same thing.) But in any case, not an STD.

Since you apparently have already seen a dermatologist, I see no need for further medical evaluation. I suggest you rely on the dermatologist's assessment. No STD testing is necessary in this situation.

I hope this information is helpful. Let me know if anything isn't clear.

27 months ago
Hey Dr Handsfield and thank you for the reply, I appreciate it.
I was wondering which type of Doctor you would recommend me seeing to have this figured out? Dermatologist or Urologist? I have a derm appointment for Friday, wondering if i should see a urologist also
Also, When I peel back the foreskin, the white stuff almost looks like dry skin until i touch it and it is easy wiped away.  Again, no smell, doesn't itch or burn, just odd. Does it sound like balanitis
I am about 12 days removed from the exposure and have not had any blisters, or open sores as far as i know, and i'm assuming if i did have it, it would be unmistakable, correct? Being that I am 12 days out, Is it safe to say I am 100% through the herpes issue? I know sometimes people don't recall their first outbreak, but RN Warren brought up a good point that I have been looking and would have seen it. 
The genital apposition was very brief maybe about 3 seconds and no friction. 
I don't want this to be my last post or yours as i'd like to save that for the after I meet with my Dr. If you could just kindly answer some of these minor questions, I would greatly appreciate it. 
-Concerned and Confused 
27 months ago
Just to add i also have a very small red bump on the head of my penis, about the size of a pin head, just FYI.
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
27 months ago
Your additional description of your penis does not change my opinion or advice. It sounds typical for balanitis, either yeast or nonspeciific and I remain confident you have no STD.  I would definitely recommend a dermatologist and suggest you keep the appointment you have made. There is no need to see a urologist as well.

Threads are closed after two follow-up comments and replies, so I suggest you return to let me know what you learn from the dermatologist -- but no comments until then. Thanks.
27 months ago
Dr Handsfield, I am so damn confused! Part of the reason i am asking this is for future reference also being that I will most certainly have another sexual encounter.
I know this will most likely be your last reply based on forum rules. However, I am so confused. I have the dr tomorrow to look at the possible balanitis and this morning and today I noticed it is gone? How the heck is that possible? From the research I've done it usually requires treatment of either the bacteria or fungi to go away, unless it wasn't Balanitis? My mind is starting to play tricks on me and push me in directions i am not quite ready for. The white stuff i describe was like a film on the underside of my foreskin. With that said:
1-Could I have possibly had a herpes outbreak and the white film was the fluid from the blisters and i just missed them even though i checked 4x a day lol?
2-I am 13 days out and did not notice any blisters, safe to say i am in the clear? I have seen some sites say that it could take up to 28 days so i am rather confused....
3- If not balanitis what else???
4-What type of testing should the Dr do tomorrow if i do have it again? Swab etc...
5-Where would herpes be most likely to present? Just the spot of the appposition or would it "travel" throughout my genitals? Meaning if the underside of my penis is the only part that touched his, is it possible to get it under my foreskin? 
Thanks for all your help and after my Dr appointment tomorrow, if this is closed i will most likely start a new thread
27 months ago
6 - Being that I have checked almost daily, would it possible for me to miss the primary outbreak?
7 - Is there any chance that I could have contracted herpes and not have symptoms?
8- Does the film disease sound like anything sexually transmitted?
27 months ago
9- How long does it take herpes lesions to heal?
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
27 months ago
Hmm -- you're concerned because the problem is getting better? Why is that upsetting? It's entirely good news. This is exactly what is expected with nonspecific balanitis -- in other words, the improvement makes it less likely that you have any STD. 

1-3, 5. Initial herpes would not clear up this soon, and as already disucssed, the symptoms and all you say are against herpes for several reasons.

4. Follow the doctor's advice. Probably no testing is needed.

6. See above -- not herpes.

7. You DO have symptoms, now improving. They were not typical for herpes.

8. Nope.

Threads are closed after two follow-up questions and replies, so that ends this thread. Good luck with the dermatology appointment. You can expect him or her to agree with most of my comments. Consider printing out this thread as a framework for discussion.