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27 months ago
Good morning doctors 
I am a male who had an unprotected oral sex with an escort girl and ejaculated in her mouth 
I did the following 4th generation test ELECTROCHIMINULENSCE Ag p 24 +anticorps anti HIV 1 & 2
On the 11,16,24,29,63,66,85 and 118 days from my exposure 
As well a PCR HIV-1 On the 29 days

-1) are my result conclusive? Do i need futher testing ?

-2) do antidepressants or autoimmune disorders affect the HIV result or give a false positive as a result, or its a myth ?

3-)I had symptoms like mouth ulcers , dry mouth on the 63 days 
A fever for 2 days and swollen glands at the 96 days 
And a fever for 3 days on the 112 days 

-4) always feeling a lymph-nodes under my jaw from 83 days Last exposure but it’s not swollen neither enlarged if there is was an infection it will be swollen right ?in 2 to 3 days 

Do test overrule all symptoms 

Thank you 
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
27 months ago
Welcome to the forum and Happy New Year! Thanks for your question.

There was little if any HIV risk from this event. There has never been a proved case of HIV transmission by oral sex, mouth to penis. (And only rare cases in the other direction, penis to mouth.) And in general female escorts -- i.e. expensive sex workers by appointment -- are very unlikely to have HIV. Most are very careful and get tested regularly. To your specific questions:

1) Your test results prove 100% you did not catch HIV. In fact, you were seriously overtested. Even if you had been exposed, the tests you had at 29 days were 100% conclusive. The tests after that were unnecessary, but they also prove you were not infected.

2) There are no medical conditions of any kind, and no medications, that alter HIV test reliability. These conditions had no effect on your test results.

3,4) Yes, HIV test results always overrule symptoms. It is not possible to have HIV symptoms with negative HIV test results. Your negative tests prove these symptoms were not due to HIV. The discomfort under your jaw probably was not due to inflamed lymph nodes. But even if it was, HIV isn't the cause. 

I hope this information is helpful. Let me know if anything isn't clear. 

27 months ago

Thank you doctor for your reply,I feel bit relief.

this period was very difficult To me I was very anxious and stressed out,noting I had OCD.

I have few questions to ask, sorry to repeat them

-1) I understood that my results are 100%definitive and conclusive,no need to test at 6 month mark?

2-)all my symptoms including the discomfort under my jaw it’s not the cause of HIV.

-3)is there any medical conditions that can delay someone to seroconvert to HIV positive after 3 months, or it’s outdated with the 4th generation test.

-4)regarding my discomfort under my jaw 

 It’s not swollen neither enlarged and not painful.

If there was an Acute HIV infection the lymph nodes will be swollen? Right?

Finally that’s mean I am 100% clean NO HIV

Thanks a lot doctor for your patience 

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
27 months ago
1,2,4) You correctly understand all points.

3) Even before 4th generation tests, there were no medical conditions that delayed accurate testing. The only exception is treatment with anti-HIV drugs, if given as prophylaxis to prevent HIV. If prophylaxis doesn't work, it may take extra time for tests to become positive.
27 months ago
Final questions
1-)So after 6 weeks or more the HIV 4th generation test  is conlusive ,even if someone had symtomps later on, like fever rash etc....?
It will not be related to HIV

2-) in my case if there anyway or chance to be HIV positive after all these tests

3-)can i resume sex with my partner ?

Thank you for your help your doing a great job here , i read all your answers on medhelp forum too
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
27 months ago
1) Correct.
2) No. Why would you be different than all other humans?
3) Yes. You should never have stopped having sex with your partner, based on this kind of exposure and certainly once you had these test results.

Thanks for the thanks and the kind words about our services. That completes this thread. Best wishes and happy new year.