[Question #4797] Question #4750] scared abou hiv.

25 months ago
Hello Doc

I'm going back to my problem. Even though I got a response from doc hoc. Any unprotected sex poses a risk, though the exposure has been short, even though I'm ciricimused. I have some symptoms that are worrisome to me.

1. Symptoms of small redness with a slight itch on some parts of the body like in the neck, arms, legs, end of the stomach in the feet All these are developing in the left part of the body. And in those parts where it is the redness has a high temperature. But while they are disappearing, and the rash is going to another part of the body. This is continuing for 3 weeks. I must go to the dermatologist.

2. A pain in the throat where inside we have some red spots and some white spots. For 3 days left in the throat with a swollen but not strong head. I have a sore throat on the side the right whip starts from the end of the neck to the back of the back with a sore throat on the inside of the throat.
Do I have to go to the doctor for throat and neck

I do not have any other symptoms.
But these symptoms are troubling me.
I'm from a country is the stigma for HIV,
And I do not have the courage to go for Hiv test, (Province).

PS: I am married and have children.

Please help me and thank you very much
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
25 months ago
Welcome back to the forum. I'll be taking your question this time. I reviewed your recent discussion with Dr. Hook.

Symptoms never help decide if someone has HIV. Even the most typical symptoms of a new HIV infection (called acute retroviral syndrome, or ARS) are much more common with other medical conditions. And your symptoms are not typical for a new HIV infection, but some of those symptoms might occur with ARS. Still, it is extremely unlikely you caught HIV.

As Dr. Hook advised, the answer to your worries is to be tested for HIV. That is the only way to know, and the only way to be 100% certain. I'm sorry you're in a country where HIV stigma is high. But you must find a way to do it. In most countries with high HIV stigma, e.g. Islamic countries, getting tested is NOT a problem; it only becomes a problem if the test is positive. And your test will be negative.

As for your fear of a positive result, I have no patience. It is not the test that gives someone HIV. You have it or you don't. Almost certianly you do not, but if you do, you of course have a responsibility to know both for your own health and to protect your wife and family. When someone fears a test result and finally gets tested, anxiety always declines:  worry about the result is more stressful than having the result, even if it is positive.

I will be happy to advise you further after you have had an HIV blood test. Until then, howver, the forum cannot help and will have no other advice or comments.

In the meantime, stay relaxed. Almost certainly you do not have HIV and your test will be negative.