[Question #483] Very scared ( follow up question #468 )

94 months ago
Hello Dr , I came back . Sorry, but I'm too afraid, I have a daughter of a one year, and need to make sure I was not infected.
I am very very scared .
After a risk, I was desperate, afraid of hiv .
After 6.5 weeks, I made a hiv test, roche modular system Ab \ Ag p24, negative 0.17.
After 9.5 weeks, I made a hiv test, roche modular system Ab \ Ag p24, negative 0.23.
45 days, my wife had a rash on he lower legs , the knee down , that lasted four days.
Now my wife is having some bruises on body
I had no other risk
My questions are:
1- I can be infected with HIV, those with negative tests? These tests rule out with certainty the infection?
2- These tests are good and reliable?
3- Can hiv rash occurs only in the legs, with no other party? With no other symptoms? You can get 45 days?
4- Now I'm getting folliculitis, some dermatitis on the face, and fungus on the nail, I really not been infected?
5- I'm not infected my wife? Why she had this rash, and now having these bruises ?
6- I need more testing ? 
7- There is no possibility of these two tests fail ? 
8- I am not infected with HIV? 
Dr. sorry, but I need sure I was not infected.
Excuse my bad English, i speak from Brazil.
Thank you
Sérgio R
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
94 months ago
The answers have not changed. 

1) No, you cannot be infected. The tests rule out infection with 100% certainty.
2) Yes.
3) No, not possible.
4) Not related to HIV.
5) You do not have HIV, so you could not have infected your wife.
6) No.
7) No possibility.
8) No.

You need psychiatric care. It is not normal to be so fearful after repeated, reasoned, science-based reassurance. Clearly there is an emotional problem here. Please consider psychological consultation and care. I suggest it from compassion, not criticism.


94 months ago
Hello Dr HHH
I confess to you that my emotional is well shaken it.
I'll just clarify two things and you can close.
1- Regardless of any symptoms that I may have, I can be absolutely sure that I was not infected?
2- Today a person , user of drugs, came to me, and touched his hand on my shoulder, just above where I have several pimples , his hand was all peeling , do not know if contained some secretion in your hand, if I have some pimple open , I run some risk of infection from his hand peeling touching on my pimples ? 
Sérgio R
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
94 months ago
1) Yes you can be absolutely sure.

2) No risk, obviously. This comment clearly reflects a mental health problem. Normal, mentally healthy people don't have fears or thoughts like this. See my comment above recommending psycholgical care. I hope you will do that, and sincerely wish you the best. Buena suerte.

94 months ago
Hello Dr HHH , thank you very much for  everything .
Dr , to conclude , if he's infected , his hand peeling ( I look ) , touching my shoulder , on top of my pimples , and I have some pimple open ( I went through alcohol and burned a little , then I must have any pimple open ) , I don't run any risk , zero risk ? Without possibility to be infected this way ? 
Sérgio R

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
94 months ago
There are no absolutes in biology or medicine. Can I say for sure that HIV could not be transmitted in this situation? No. But you have five "ifs" in this scenario, and the chance that all of them would go the wrong way obviously is astronomically small. And HIV has never, ever been transmitted between people by touching, regardless of pimples or open sores.

I also cannot guarantee you will not be hit by a meteorite, but the chance probably is about the same.

Please re-read my advice (about psychological care). That ends this thread. Do not start a new thread that repeats the same quesitons about the same exposure(s). If you do, it will be deleted without reply, and without refund of the posting fee.

Good luck.